Non-surgical, natural ways of treatment to treat varicocele naturally at home


Non-surgical, natural ways of treatment to treat varicocele naturally at home

Today, infertility seems to be a growing problem around the world as families are waiting even longer to have children. Many times people find out about the root origin of the cause too late. If you have been diagnosed with infertility and the source of the dilemma is varicocele, you don’t need to focus yourself towards those costly surgeries. There are a few natural alternatives that you could opt for, that would get to the root of the problem and may perhaps lead to a triumphant proactive act!

treat varicocele naturally

How to detect varicocele?

Varicocele is detected by conducting an ultrasound. But in order to get a better insight, one should get a sperm count analysis done along with an ultrasound so that one can come to know how severe the disease is. Over the years there have been many cases where a varicocele had been incorrectly diagnosed as epididymitis, hydrocele or hernia. Thus it becomes very important that a disease is correctly diagnosed, as a correct diagnosis is half the cure!

Varicocele natural treatment

For varicocele natural treatment, one needs to take care of two very important things. One is your lifestyle, so that varicocele is stable and it doesn’t rise any further. And the other, is to get rid of all the free radicals as possible so that your valves can function properly.

To help you out with this, Grocare India has come up with three medicines Acidim, Acitiviz and Oronerv (previously known as Nervica). Acidim helps to mend the pH level around the valves, so that the free radicals become very weak. Activiz helps the area to clear all the toxins from the affected part. And in the same way, Oronerv assures that the blood flows smoothly.  This method is slow as the medicines do not work on the targeted area immediately.

Generally, these medicines will help your venous and arterial system regain its strength naturally. This technique is an extremely effective one, as it is your own body that does its healing from inside. These medicines give your body a big support in naturally healing itself.  Therefore, once you have been cured, one can stop taking the medication as your body itself, regains enough strength to avert the disease from returning again.

But one needs to keep in mind, that the medicines are merely 50% of the varicocele treatment process. The remaining 50% of the treatment depends upon your lifestyle. This means that unless you don’t change your lifestyle and follow a good healthy lifestyle, your body will not be able to stop the  development of the varicocele and the medicines will only prevent the varicocele from rising in that condition. Hence, the only way to put an end to this is to follow a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to these medicines, Grocare India also offers you an extensive diet chart, which guides you by giving you all the pointers that will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We need to remember one thing that is, it is not as much as what we consume, as when we eat and whether our body can digest it or not.

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