Find Out The Reason Why He Rubs The Back Of His Hand With Onion


Find Out The Reason Why He Rubs The Back Of His Hand With Onion

Throughout history, people have used onions as medicine. Ancient Greeks and Romans rubbed onion onto sore muscles. Native Americans even utilized onions in poultices. Scientists recently recreated an onion-based Anglo-Saxon medicine that was used in the 9th century. They were surprised to discover that it effectively killed methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Onions can still provide powerful healing today if you know how to use them.

Back Of His Hand With Onion

Relieving Pain from Burns

The sulfur and quercetin found in onion juice immediately relieves the pain caused by burns to the skin. As an added bonus, onion can prevent scars from forming, and it can also reduce the chance of an infection occurring in the area of the burn. Scientists have recently performed studies on a topical scar-reduction cream and have concluded that the onion in this cream helps to lessen the appearance of old burn scars by improving the structure of collagen.

Healing Insect Bites

If you have an itchy bug bite, cut up an onion and apply a slice to the affected area. The sulfur in the onion will draw out the poison and/or saliva from the bite. Onions make a great bug repellent as well. Mosquitoes do not tolerate onion oil and won’t think that your blood is worth the trouble.

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Soothing Earaches

If you are experiencing ear pain, you might want to try putting some onion juice in your ear! A popular recipe for this treatment involves heating an onion and then extracting some juice. You will then put a drop of two of the juice in the ear that is painful. The anti-inflammatory properties of the onion may relieve swelling, and the juice will loosen up an excess build-up of earwax. People have been using this remedy since the 19th century.

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