He Used Tomatoes For 2 Weeks And Healed His Varicose Without Surgery!


He Used Tomatoes For 2 Weeks And Healed His Varicose Without Surgery!

Most people refer to the hardworking heart when they discuss cardiovascular health, but the veins have a more difficult job. As blood moves through arteries to reach your lower legs, it must return to the heart for more oxygen. However, this blood must struggle against gravity through your veins. The veins have small valves that stop the blood from flowing backward through your system. When these valves break down or lose their flexibility with age, varicose veins are the result as reported by the Mayo Clinic. These veins are visible on your skin as bulging and twisting pathways. Varicose veins are both unsightly and painful, but there is some hope for a natural cure using both red and green tomatoes.

He Used Tomatoes For 2 Weeks And Healed His Varicose Without Surgery!

One Man’s Story

Instead of resorting to several expensive surgeries, one man tried his luck with both green and red tomatoes. He didn’t eat them as you might assume, however. In fact, he cut the tomatoes into slices and applied them directly onto the bulging veins. He used basic adhesive bandages to hold them tightly to his skin for several hours. This process was repeated three to four times each day for about 14 days. As a result, there was less inflammation along the veins and an enhanced comfort level overall.

Potassium’s Job 

Potassium is a core element that offers some amazing benefits to the human body. It reacts with the blood vessels so that they can open up to increased blood flow. In fact, people with high blood pressure usually benefit from higher potassium levels through eating tomatoes and even bananas. Vasodilation or relaxed blood vessels allow the blood to move through the channels without pressing too hard on the walls. As a result, varicose veins don’t appear as distended across the skin. You can either consume or hold tomatoes on your skin to achieve this vasodilation courtesy of potassium’s power.

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Natural Pain Relief

Hidden within tomatoes is acetylsalicylic acid. This complex substance is actually a component of aspirin. When this acid is applied to the skin, the surrounding area responds with less pain. Essentially, there’s a numbing effect that occurs with the acid found in tomatoes. This pain relief allows the varicose vein sufferer to temporarily relax. Both mental and physical relaxation occurs so the person’s veins become more elastic as a result. Pain relief might be part of the reason why applying tomatoes on the skin should be performed several times over the course of a few weeks. Consistent pain relief allows the veins to permanently relax over time.

The Antioxidant Factor

Tomatoes are also full of antioxidants, such as vitamin C. Antioxidants, as the name suggests, fights off oxidation. When substances oxidize, they break down over time. Body cells can succumb to oxidation, but eating or using tomatoes as a topical allows antioxidants to permeate the body. As a result, varicose veins have a strong chance at repairing themselves with all of these antioxidants surrounding their vessels. Long-term tomato exposure, however, must be the healthy course of action. The blood vessels must be exposed to antioxidants as much as possible.

Choline’s Power

According to Medical News Today, another secret ingredient within basic tomatoes is choline. This molecule has anti-inflammatory properties. When tomatoes remain pressed against varicose veins, this molecule reacts with the skin. Less blood and liquids are brought to the vein area so the varicose nodes can slightly relax. When you consume tomatoes, the choline entering your body helps every cell with structural strength. In general, cell membrane structures have a chance of building stronger walls. As a result, the varicose veins have a good chance at repairing their walls with reduced inflammation over time.

Whether you use tomatoes as a topical agent or eat them by the barrel, their nutrient levels are almost incomparable with other fruits. Try to add tomatoes into every meal, such as in a salad or incorporated into a sauce. You’ll probably notice a difference in your cardiovascular system almost immediately.

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