5 DIY All Natural Home Remedies for Irritated Skin


5 DIY All Natural Home Remedies for Irritated Skin

Skin irritations can make you feel very uncomfortable. Mostly, skin itches result from dry skin, a condition known as (xerosis) and anxiety and stress.

Use of coconut oil

5 DIY All Natural Home Remedies for Irritated Skin

Coconut oil can be used to sooth your skin when it becomes dry and itchy. During winter, the skin on the elbow, hands and the heels may become dry. A spot treatment overnight on this skin areas using the coconut oil will help in improving it by the following day in the morning. A thick layer of coconut oil is applied on the itchy dry parts and covers the oily parts either with gloves, long sleeved pajama or socks before going to bed.

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To relieve a burn
In case of a burn, there are several good oils that have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on your skin giving it a relief from itch and reduce irritations. Lavender for instance, can be used for to reduce irritations from burn. The oil is applied either directly on the affected areas of the skin or added to bath water. Other oil essentials that can be used include Neem oil, Nettle oil, Chamomile oil and Clove oil.

To prevent blisters
Cold water is applied on itchy areas of the skin to reduce irritations. Although hot water feel good on your body, it often leaves you with more itch and therefore cold water is recommended on burn. This is because cold and itch use the same nerve fibres and so the cold can deaden the each as a result of “jamming the circuits”. Cold water will also prevent blisters when placed on burns unlike ice which can result blisters if used on burnt skins.

Healing hives
Oatmeal is mixed with water and spread on the irritated part of the skin to relieve itching and hives. This will produce a cooling and a soothing effect. Do not use very hot water because it can lead to more irritations. Oatmeal is more effective on itches resulting from sunburns.

To stop an itch
To stop an itch on your skin that has resulted from burns or insect bites, a raw potato can be used. The potato is sliced and gently smeared on the area of the skin that is itching.

It is therefore clear that most of the irritations on your skin result due to burns, insect bites, and a dry skin. Keeping your skin hydrated will help you avoid the uncomfortable irritations. More tips on how to remedy your irritating skin can be found on these sites, One Good Thing and Everyday Health.

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