This Mother-Daughter Duo Had Many Plastic Surgeries To Look Similar. What do you think?


This Mother-Daughter Duo Had Many Plastic Surgeries To Look Similar. What do you think?

This video by News Dog Media explores the relationship between Georgina and her daughter Kayla, who have spent over £56,000 on cosmetic procedures in their shared dream to look like British model Katie Price. These procedures include: breast augmentations, hair extensions and dye jobs, tanning, lip fillers, and semi-permanent makeup.

Mother-Daughter Duo

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What is even more shocking is the method by which Georgina and Katie afford these enhancements: daughter Katie strips and engages in relationships with “sugar daddies,” and it is on this income that they afford their operations. In the video, mom Georgina maintains that she is proud of Katie. The pair reiterates time and time again that they are happy with their choices and consider themselves to have a close bond. Katie has defended their choices, remarking that she would rather spend her money on surgeries than on drinking and partying. Concerning her daughter’s employment, Georgina says that she doesn’t care that Katie strips and finds sugar daddies for money. She reports that she is proud of her daughter’s generosity. Katie has even said that she will pay for any procedures her nineteen-year-old sister may want in the future.

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