Watch What Happened to Her Feet in the Morning After Using Foot Cream the Night Before


Watch What Happened to Her Feet in the Morning After Using Foot Cream the Night Before

Cracked heels are not only unsightly, but can cause immense pain as well. If the problem goes untreated, daily activities can become uncomfortable, and forget about spending eight hours on your feet at work. Luckily, fixing this issue is very simple and can be done overnight. If you are in the service industry, you absolutely must try this simple trick.

Using Foot Cream

Apply a thick moisturizer or Vaseline to your tootsies and lay it on thick. Put on a pair of socks so you do not get gook everywhere, and your work is done! Do this right before bedtime and wake up in the morning with soft, supple feet. Making this a regular routine will ensure those puppies look summer ready all year long, and feel great as well.

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If you find that your feet need a little more attention, simply take a scraper and file to them like the video demonstrates. Scrape away and watch as the dry patches come right off, leaving soft skin in their wake. Be careful when using a razor, and do not be too rough on those tootsies. Scrubbing your feet in the shower may seem like a great way to keep them smooth, but will dry those tootsies out in no time.

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