This 9-Year-Old Girl Finally Comes Home After Life-Changing Surgery on Her Face Melted Into Her Chest


This 9-Year-Old Girl Finally Comes Home After Life-Changing Surgery on Her Face Melted Into Her Chest

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This story is from the Grossman Burn Center where a nine-year-old girl’s struggle after being badly burned in a fire in her home country of Afghanistan. Local doctors treated her without pain medication, and then told her family to pray for her death. After her father took her to U.S. troops and explained her story, they ensured that she went to a top burn center in California for treatment. Watch part one of Zubaida’s story to learn more about her determined father, her caring surgeons, and the strong little herself.

Zubaida’s cheeks and chin had melted to her chest, forcing her eyes and mouth open.

chin had melted to her chest

Zubaida lived in pain every day.


Dr. Peter Grossman practices in Los Angeles, California and specializes in surgeries to help burn victims.

Zubaida’s surgeries were numerous, and the result took many years.

The reconstruction required skin grafts to be removed from the girl’s back.

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Gradually, Zubaida’s face began to change.

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Zubaida lived with Dr. Grossman and his family during the operations. She learned English in three months and had many friends at school.

When Zubaida was healed from her surgeries, she went back home to her parents in Afghanistan.

back home

Dr. Grossman helped Zubaida live a normal life. She will never forget what he did for her.



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