Doctor Saved Baby’s Life in Mid-Air During Flight


Doctor Saved Baby’s Life in Mid-Air During Flight

In this video from USA Today, we hear about the story of a heroic and creative doctor who saved baby’s life on a flight from Spain. Dr. Khurshid Guru, a New York physician, sprang into action when an announcement went out asking if there was a doctor on board.

1 Doctor Saved Baby's Life in Mid-Air During Flight

After having been in the air for four hours, a two-year-old child had a severe asthma attack. The child’s parents had accidentally packed his asthma medication into the checked luggage. Dr. Guru obtained an adult nebulizer. He attached a cup, an oxygen tank, and some tape to the nebulizer, then used the apparatus to alleviate the boy’s symptoms.

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The child’s parents did not speak English, but words weren’t needed for Dr. Guru to understand that his actions were greatly appreciated. Dr. Guru reported that the mother was crying.

In an interview, Dr. Guru stresses the importance of parents always having a nebulizer and asthma medication available if their child suffers from asthma. Dr. Guru is the Director of Robotic Surgery at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and innovative thinking comes naturally to him. Years ago, he worked to help develop an early robotic surgical simulator. Last November, he was awarded the Thomas B. Tomasi MD, PhD Hope Award.

Dr. Guru reports that he feels blessed to have been able to help a child on that fateful day in the sky.

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