How to Solve Your Back Pain Problem in 60 Seconds


How to Solve Your Back Pain Problem in 60 Seconds

Nearly everyone will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. Most back pain is transitory and will eventually go away. Knowing what initiates pain can help avoid future pain. Muscle spasm and strain are the most common soft tissue injuries to the back. In order to help avoid pain in the first place, do not bend at the waist, but use your legs to help lift heavy objects. Do not bend and twist; first lift with legs, then move feet to face intended direction.

How to Solve Your Back Pain Problem in 60 Seconds

Many women begin to experience back pain during pregnancy and that, along with caring for and lifting babies, can exacerbate low back pain. Following the ergonomic exercises and stretches for low back pain can help.

Back strains, sprains, and spasms can be alleviated with over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen. Warm showers and compresses can help relax muscles as well. In some cases of strain, cold ice packs may be helpful. See what helps with your acute pain better.

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More than 50% of doctor visits and 45% of work absenteeism can be attributed to back pain according to WebMD.

Some simple low back stretching exercises can help relieve and prevent back strain and low back muscle spasm. As with any new exercise, check with your doctor first about the safety of the exercise, especially if you have had a previous injury or surgery. These simple exercises have been recommended Travis Cross, DC of

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