Watch What They Pulled Out of This Baby’s Neck


Watch What They Pulled Out of This Baby’s Neck

Many know how it can feel when their child is showing signs of not feeling well. Heartbreak, stress, wondering what is wrong…For many parents, those feelings disappear when their child sees a medical professional, but what happens when the prescribed medication doesn’t help and the ailments continue to get worse?

baby face

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In this video clip, we see what can happen when the prescription doesn’t cure the ailment, but a doctor’s sharp eyesight saves a baby from experiencing horrible pain and possible future medical treatments?
Since the child is doing okay after the object was removed, one has to wonder a few things:

  • How on Earth did this happen?
  • How cool is the human body, even in a little human?
  • And, really, knowing that the child is okay, this might have been YOUR first question : Should I go pillow and comforter shopping to make sure this doesn’t happen to me?

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