Manage Pain Effectively with THESE 7 Pressure Points

Manage Pain Effectively with THESE 7 Pressure Points

Acupuncture and Reflexology were discovered more than 5,000 years ago by the Chinese. It was found that pressing certain point on the body can relieved pain and benefit other, unrelated parts of the body. Further studies revealed these pressure points not only relieved pain but increased the functioning of certain vital organs. For these reasons, the Chinese have practiced Acupuncture and related techniques for thousands of years to keep themselves healthy and happy.


The irony is that many people already subconsciously practice acupuncture. You may not notice when you rub or apply pressure to certain points on your wrist or hand, but you are most likely engaging in a form of acupressure relief. It does not have to be a conscious decision; the body recognizing the positive side effects of that pressure and so it encourages it. In fact, the science of acupuncture really developed as a way to study why doing these things naturally make people feel better. With the Chinese science to back it up, acupuncture is now a official and well-studied method for this kind of stress and pain relief. There are now opportunities to learn how to fully engage in acupuncture methods. By learning the following 7 pressure points of the hand, you can too learn how to relieve stress, release tension, and improve your health:

1. Base of Thumb Point

Locate this acupressure point just at the base of the thumb and wrist. Apply firm pressure with the thumb of the other hand. Stimulating this point helps with breathing problems and gives relief from coughing.

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