A Man’s Desire for Bigger Biceps Makes Him to Inject Himself with Oil


A Man’s Desire for Bigger Biceps Makes Him to Inject Himself with Oil

People will almost do anything to get the physique that they want? They will go to the gym for hours, lift heavy weights, or maybe even use steroids. But will they inject themselves with oil? Maybe not! But this “Maybe not!” answer was not the answer for Valdir Segato, a recovering drug addicted 48-year-old Brazilian construction worker who began to inject himself with synthol, a lethal oil substance five years ago. What was his goal? His objective was to increase his twelve-inch biceps to 27 inches. His plan proved successful for now his biceps measure an astounding 23 inches. His motivation is Arnold Schwarzenegger and fictional characters like The Hulk.


Surprisingly, although his biceps are already huge at 23 inches, Segato still wants to make them bigger. He also has two muscle-looking stones behind his neck, giving him the appearance of a huge monster-looking thing. Against the advice of his doctors, he continues to inject oil in his muscles. Not to mention, regardless of the warnings that he faces serious problems with these oil injections, including amputation, he insists on continuing his pursuit to enlarge his biceps even more through the injections of the oil. So the remaining question is, “How safe is synthol oil injections?” The answer is, “Not safe at all.” Let’s get into oil synthol in more detail.


The Average Bodybuilder’s Bicep Size
Now let’s look at the average bodybuilder’s arm size. According to T-Nation, a bodybuilding website, a 5 feet 7 inch tall bodybuilder weighing 214 pounds has an arm size between 19-1/4 and 19-5/8 inches. They also state that arm sizes of over 21 inches is very rare, regardless of weight and height. With this information, it is obvious that Segato’s arm size is extremely abnormal, not taking into consideration how he got it to that size yet. T-Nation goes on by giving arm measurements of four bodybuilders. Bodybuilder A is 6 feet zero inches, 286 pounds, with a 20.62 inch arm size. Bodybuilder B is 5 feet 3 inches, 228 pounds, with a 20.25 inch arm size. Bodybuilder C is 5 feet 7 inches, 214 pounds, with a 19.62 inch arm size. Last, Bodybuilder D is 5 feet 11 inches, 258 pounds, with a 18.9 inch arm size. From these four bodybuilder’s body weights, heights, and arm sizes, you can tell that Segato’s arm size is quite dangerous and rare. His biceps are measuring more than a six foot tall bodybuilder. What do you think about that?

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Synthol’s Dangers
While injecting oil is common amongst bodybuilders, there are a number of risks that synthol poses. The side effects and dangers include deformed muscles, risk of blood leaking under the skin, damaged nerves, infection, ruptured skin, the prevention of natural muscle growth, cysts, fluid build-up in body tissue, and much more.


Natural Growth of Biceps
With all of the dangers that injecting oil comes with, it is not worth the injection just for building muscles. There are other safe and effective ways to achieve the physical look you are looking for. One way is lifting weights. No one needs to take hormones to help with muscle growth. The increase of muscles comes naturally. All it takes is time, workout, and patience. A diet of protein is also great for muscle growth.

Valdir Segato’s actions of injecting oil in his muscles is common and extremely dangerous. Injecting oil comes with risks and results in abnormal muscle growth and appearance. There are many natural ways to grow your muscles. Furthermore, there is an average measurement of what your biceps should be according to your weight and height. Follow that average. After all, you are looking to be physically attractive, not abnormal!

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