Causes of weak nails and treatments to strengthen them


Causes of weak nails and treatments to strengthen them

Do you have weak nails and you do not know very well why? If so, we will discover the main causes and what treatments you can use to strengthen them.

If your nails tend to break and break easily, then you may need a treatment to strengthen them. There are home remedies, but also professional treatments to treat them.

One of the home remedies that will make the nails do not break more than necessary is to make a remedy with olive oil. It will bring brilliance, strength, durability and also the softness of the fingers.

To prepare this remedy against brittle nails we need a spoon of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice, although other ingredients can be used if preferred. You start by putting the oil in a saucepan and heat it in the fire, then add the lemon and then remove it. The preparation is impregnated with gauze or cotton and passed through the nails. It is best not to rinse them until they have dried and a few hours pass.

There are also creams and enamels that carry various proteins so that the nails are getting stronger. Ideally, it is the professional of the beauty center who clarifies what products are indicated and what treatments to apply.

Nail care creams are designed to nourish the nails and prevent them from becoming dehydrated. With this they become more resistant. They are usually used every day or every week, especially if the nails are often broken regularly. In addition, there are enamels that take care of the nails and, at the same time, embellish them in a great way.

Causas de tener uñas débiles

Reasons for having weak and brittle nails
Having strong nails is the privilege of a few. A large majority of women tend to have brittle nails, and this is for different reasons. On the one hand, due to weather conditions, such as extreme cold or heat, which cause them to break more than usual.

It can also be due to the continued use of chemical products when cleaning or doing a job. This is due to not wearing gloves and directly damaging the hands.

Another aspect can be treated to a simply hereditary and hormonal issue, also for the lack of vitamins because there are certain foods that give us the nutrients that we need for the body to function in a general way.

Having weak nails may be due to eating your nails exaggeratedly. A bad habit that makes them weaker because saliva is a potent substance that can be the direct cause of brittle nails.

Other reasons are due to the fungi and bacteria that also affect this part of the body. To this are added eczema, allergies or other medical problems that affect this area. While the stages of pregnancy and lactation directly affect the natural appearance of the nails making them more brittle, although they are usually temporary situations.

Some experts point out that dehydration contributes, in a great way, too brittle nails. To do this, as we have indicated previously, topical creams and lotions are necessary to take care of hands, fingers, and nails.

Not washing your hands properly during the day can also cause certain effects on the hands and this includes the nails.

How to strengthen the nails?
Feed correctly
A balanced diet that includes vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids is the best for the nails to be strengthened. It is easy because it is about eating in a varied way, including in our diet the fruits, vegetables, and fish, as well as cereals, dairy and red meats very occasionally.

First of all, hygiene and hydration
Always keep a good hygiene in the area will help us to have some nails, not only beautiful but also healthy. And this is the basis to prevent them from dehydration and dryness.

Go to professionals when necessary
In the event that we notice changes of color or texture in the nails, or if suddenly they break more than normal, it is better to go to the doctor or the dermatologist who can advise us.

And it is also feasible to go to the beauty center to apply the appropriate treatments, let us advise by the professionals of this sector and carry out the necessary treatment during the time they deem appropriate.




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