The great decision to heal yourself


The great decision to heal yourself

When a person takes the firm purpose of curing his illness can be guided and guided by an experienced doctor, but it is questionable to delegate all responsibility for his rehabilitation to a third, since each individual is commander in chief of his own body and destiny. The will to heal itself is the main motor that instigates the process of self-healing.

The second step is to make sure that the basic functions of the body are in balance: a good digestion, daily evacuation and restful sleep.

If a patient receives the precise medicine and certainty, but is unveiled or not evacuated correctly, or fructify the benefits of any diet or medicine. The third step is to adopt a nutrition system that fits our body.

Having said that, it is essential to know that in any real cure, a total detoxification of the body is necessary. In every cell of the body there is toxic matter, but there are three important foci in the human anatomy: the liver, the colon, and the lymphatic system.

Therefore, if suffering from a chronic disease is advisable to sanitize these systems for the body to recover its natural and adequate functioning. This is important because in all of us latent disease sleeps. They are constantly irrigated with a little milk, sugar, meat and negative emotions. These ingredients are fertilizers that fertilize the seed of latent disease; there is leukemia, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis. Before the enemy attacks us, we must dislodge it, here is where the importance of sanitizing us lies.

To prevent and not to regret is our motto. Etymologically speaking, cholesterol means solidified bile. The purpose of cleaning the liver is none other than to extirpate the cholesterol in this organ for a better functioning of the whole body system.

Solidified bile (cholesterol) becomes what is known as calculus. These calculations have different appearances: if it is black and it looks like a stone, then in calculus that has long been affecting our body; if it is green, it is a new formation, and they are the most abundant in our liver. When the calculation is white it may be advanced calcified.

Most of these calculus, although not all, can be concentrations of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Not removing them exposes us to pathogens and recurrent infections.

Organic vegetable extracts are an excellent solution to many problems. Dr. Max Gerson used extracts of vegetables, a glass every hour of the day, and thus, cure different diseases, including cancer.

With vegetable extracts a large amount of toxins is released from the tissues of the body and then these are concentrated in the liver, so it is advisable to begin with this step first and maintain it over time, once the cleaning of the liver. To solve residual problems, a coffee enema is recommended, since the coffee acid is a potent promoter of an important enzyme in the detoxification of the body.

Remember that the first step to follow to guarantee a true cure in our body, is to assume the power of supreme heads of self-healing.

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