Diseases That May Be Treated with Baked and Boiled Onion


It Is Really Hard to Believe: Following are Diseases That May Be Treated with Baked and Boiled Onion

Although much has been written about the mightiest and smelliest of herbs, the garlic, its noble cousin the onion has almost as many health benefits as its nearest lily Allium relative when it comes to helping fight illness or some diseases.

Coming in various colors, shapes, forms and sizes, onions remain as one of the most health producing vegetables in existence and one of the most versatile when used in any form: fried, sautéed, boiled, raw or baked.

Diseases That May Be Treated with Baked and Boiled Onion


How To Prepare An Onion

All agree that the main problem is in the sulfurous odors that the vegetable expels. Keeping oneself from crying a river of tears after initial contact with the plant, is equally a major problem.

After peeling them of their skin, chop the onion and dip each piece in cold water neutralizing the odors somewhat. As for one’s eyes, try rinsing the hands with cold water, rubbing them with salt, rinsing again and then washing with soap and warm water. To rid oneself of onion breath, a few sprigs of parsley eaten should do the trick.


Disease-Fighting Benefits Of The Baked Onion

Even as a potato is roasted or baked, so goes the same for the onion. However, it’s best to not try to roast or bake onions wrapped in aluminum foil as this has led to botulism in many reported instances.

From various parts of the planet come different reports of tying a half-baked onion over sea urchin wounds, inflamed fingers, fingernails or toes to reduce any inflammation.

In other parts of the globe, a baked onion is used to ward off sore throats after soaking the baked onion skin in boiling water and drinking as a tea remedy.

Fire-roasted on top of embers and eaten with dribbled honey and olive oil, baked onions are also known to serve as expectorants to aid during a grip or bad cold season. Moreover, they also serve well in addressing ulcer and stomach issues.

Disease-Fighting Benefits Of The Boiled Onion

While digesting or applying an onion in any form or variety equals good restorative results from various illnesses or diseases, certain attributes can be ascribed to the boiled onion.

Taken four to six times daily, one teaspoon of freshly made boiled onion juice has been said to cure diseases and conditions such as kidney stones, hemorrhoids and constipation. It is also known to provide immediate relief if applied to the area of a honeybee’s sting. Other conditions that respond well to boiled onion water solutions are fevers, headaches, diarrhea, impotence and intestinal worms.

All this being said, an onion in any color, shape or form is a virtual pharmaceutical supply depository. Its nutritional and chemical values and disease curing properties make having onions a must above the other herbs and spices produced by nature.

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