Say “Bye” To Your Gout Forever With This Powerful Natural Drink


Say “Bye” To Your Gout Forever With This Powerful Natural Drink

If you frequently experience stiffness and painful inflammation around your joints, it is likely that you are suffering from Gout. This is a type of arthritis that is caused by an accumulation of crystals of uric acid in the joints. When the body fails to handle uric acid, it crystallizes in the joints, causing painful attacks of arthritis. Although Gout can affect any person, it is more prevalent among overweight people and men above 40 years.


Some of its symptoms include swelling and tenderness in the joints, spontaneous and severe attacks of pain. The joint most commonly affected is the one at the base of the big toe. The swelling around this joint is so hot and tender that a sheet’s weight can cause unbearable pain.

Although Gout is commonly treated by medication prescribed by a doctor, there are some natural remedies which, if taken regularly, may also treat Gout. Here we provide the recipe for a natural remedy that is pretty simple to make. The ingredients include turmeric, ginger root, pineapple and cherry.


Take one pineapple, 1-2 teaspoons of powdered turmeric, 1 cup of tart cherry juice, 1 inch of fresh ginger root or 2-3 teaspoons of powdered ginger, and 1-2 tablespoon of honey.

Proceed to peel the pineapple and chop into medium sizes. The stem of the pineapple is most effective as it contains the highest concentration of bromelain. Mash them up evenly using a blender and strain the juice. Afterwards, return the juice to the blender and add the turmeric, cherry juice and ginger. Feel free to add a tablespoon of honey if you so wish. Blend the mixture again before you store the juice. Ensure the container used is air tight, glass and kept refrigerated.

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You must drink the juice daily, half a cup per day. This juice will take a little time to work, but the effects will be felt soon after. Please note that the juice can remain fresh for only one week. This means you will need to make a fresh batch every week.

Why had these ingredients?

All of these ingredients play a part in treating gout. Each of them has a unique quality that serves to treat the symptoms of gout.

Turmeric has an antioxidant called curcumin that is responsible for its yellow color. Curcumin helps the body fight off free radicals that damage the body’s cells. This active ingredient also helps reduce swelling and pain by limiting the production of prostaglandins that is responsible for the pain experienced.

Ginger root’s most active component is known as gingerols. This component helps decrease the production of the enzymes responsible for inflammation. Much like capsaicin, gingerols block the signals sent to the brain that relay pain.

Did you know that pineapples help reduce inflammation? They have an enzyme known as bromelain that has anti-inflammatory qualities. The second interesting fact about this enzyme, according to Henicke and other studies, is that it stimulates the body to decompose uric acid crystals. This way it alleviates the pain associated with gout.
Bromelain has other benefits to the human body. It assists the body in digesting proteins that are the main cause of excess uric acid in the body that accumulates in the blood causing gout. For those looking to prevent future gout attacks, bromelain may help, if taken regularly.

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According to a Boston University research, eating cherries for two days significantly reduces one’s risk of getting gout attacks. Within the scientific arena, cherries are believed to be effective in alleviating pain and inflammation related to gout faster than most natural remedies. When consumed regularly, it also helps maintain the right level of uric acid which consequently reduces the risk of recurring gout attacks.

This is a simple remedy that could save your life. If doctor’s prescriptions are too expensive for you, or if they are seemly not your thing, try this natural remedy and be amazed at the results. Don’t knock it till you try it.

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