Folk Medicine Says: Put Some Of THIS In Your Belly Button And Get Rid Of Many Diseases


Folk Medicine Says: Put Some Of THIS In Your Belly Button And Get Rid Of Many Diseases

Alcohol has always been associated with the drowning of one’s sorrows, debauchery, and the loosening of morals. However, this tainted image has actually been blinding many people to the positive uses that alcohol can be put to. Did you know that alcohol can easily solve many of your medical problems? As difficult as it is to believe this, there is actually evidence supporting this theory. Here we reveal how folk medicine was able to find a way to use alcohol to overcome many common illnesses today, from the common cold, flu, and nausea to menstrual pain and muscle aches.

Get Rid Of Many Diseases

This method is surprisingly simple and very effective. It also requires minimal skills to perform or use. All you need to do is to soak a piece of cotton wool in alcohol of about 50% concentration. Proceed to squeeze out any excess alcohol from the cotton wool and place it on your belly button. It is advisable that you cover the cotton wool with a plastic bag, tape, bandage or even a cloth to keep it in place.

This ancient treatment has proven to be very advantageous. Not only does it help alleviate pain, but it also relax the muscles of the body. It is a great way to distress after a long day as it eases up your muscles allowing you to rest peacefully.

The treatment is especially glorified for its ability to deal with the many of the most common illnesses we have today. The common cold, flu, soreness of the muscles and even inflammation of muscles are only but a few of the illnesses this remedy can treat. This particular quality makes it far better than the conventional drugs that a doctor would prescribe you. For the same reason, it is a great remedy for parents with young children that have a tendency to fall sick. This remedy keeps your child from overexposure to a variety of conventional medicine that may be hazardous to their system in the long run.

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For all those that are forced to endure menstrual pain every month and have to deal with nausea that comes with it, this right here is your remedy. This treatment has proven to be especially helpful when treating menstrual pain and nausea. You need only to lie down and use your hands to press the cotton wool into your belly.

For those that suffer from car sickness, anxiety when flying or sea sickness, this is also a great remedy for your troubles. This treatment is useful when soothing travel sickness, and abdominal and stomach aches. However, for this specific malady, you will need to add a small measure of salt onto the cotton wool.

There are a number of homeopathic remedies from all the different cultures across the world. Some are based on mere superstition and specific cultural beliefs. Others, however, have been scientifically proven to be viable and effective. This incredibly simple treatment is among the viable kind. It has gained the approval of many medical practitioners across the world. Many of them endorse it as one of the most efficient and cost friendly methods of relieving pain and treating common maladies that affect most of the general population.

Therefore, feel free to share this interesting remedy from folk medicine with all your friends and family, and spare them the expense of conventional off-the-counter pain medication. Next time, instead of drowning your sorrows in alcohol, try to drown your pain.

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