She Tied Two Of Her Toes Every Day – See How It Works


She Tied Two Of Her Toes Every Day – See How It Works

Women are literally “banding” together in order to “stand up” to foot pain! A simple trick that is spreading like wildfire will allow all women everywhere to be able to rock those adorable little heels without the pain flaring up your foot with every step. How is it done? A ridiculously simple trick that is so ingenious will make you wonder why you didn’t think of it first.

She Tied Two Of Her Toes Every Day

By tying your third and fourth toes together with a rubber band, you can prevent foot pain. The biology behind it is really quite simple. Every person’s body is laced with nerves throughout its entirety. One of these nerves, a fancily named nerve called the medial plantar nerve, is situated between the third and fourth toes. When these toes spread apart, it irritates the nerve causing it to communicate with the pain center of the brain making the body feel pain, as explained by the Mayo Clinic. In order to prevent the communication, banding these toes together stop those toes from spreading apart and irritating the nerve.

While this process seems simple enough, it is critical that the circulation of the toes is not cut off. If that happens, nerve irritation from toes spreading apart will be the least of any medical concerns. Cutting off circulation from any part of the body can cause nerve and tissue damage and death. Ischemia, the technical term for a lack of proper blood supply, is exceptionally dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Imagine trying to sport those little shoes without all of your toes!

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I haven’t tried this technique yet because I haven’t had the opportunity over the weekend to try this little trick out. I am definitely going to see how this works out in those little shoes that I haven’t worn out because of the ridiculously high level of pain that shoots through my foot, but, come Monday morning, I am definitely going to wear them to work. I think I will probably opt for using a Band-Aid or some tape, however, because the idea of using a rubber band just seems a little too dangerous to me. I love my shoes, but I love my toes even more. I would prefer to keep them all in the little spots that they have been placed and not in some jar on a shelf in a medical museum.

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