The benefits of evening primrose oil for women


The benefits of evening primrose oil for women

Evening primrose is considered to be the woman’s plant, hence the benefits and properties provided by evening primrose oil are ideal for women’s health.

For some time now, the number of women who know the benefits of evening primrose oil, a translucent golden colored liquid obtained from the pressing of the seeds of a plant known also with the name of evening primrose or primrose. This plant is native to England and North America, belonging to the family of onagráceas, of the genus Oenothera.

Different studies have shown that the use of evening primrose oil is very interesting to treat certain disorders and diseases related to the health of women, hence it is common and popularly considered as the woman’s plant.

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What is the evening primrose oil?
Although today stands out for being an extremely popular and known oil, the truth is that it was not until a few years ago when it began to be used for its different qualities and properties, especially for the health of women.

Basically, it consists of an oil that is extracted from the cold extrusion of the seeds that we find in the flowers of evening primrose, a plant known scientifically with the name of Oenothera biennis, originally from North America and that nowadays we can find also in other continents like Asia and Europe.

It is an especially rich oil – from a nutritional point of view – in polyunsaturated essential oils, highlighting above all the presence of omega 6. In addition, it also provides oleic, aspartic, palmitic and stearic acid.

The most important properties of evening primrose oil for women’s health

Relieves the symptoms of menopause
Menopause is a stage in which the woman’s ovaries stop producing ova and her body produces fewer hormones (mainly estrogen and progesterone). As a result of these hormonal changes, tend to appear a series of typical symptoms, such as fluid retention, dry mucous membranes, hot flashes, irritability and bad mood …).

Evening primrose oil is very useful to relieve the symptoms of menopause, for its richness in phytoestrogens which act naturally in a woman’s body to calm the discomfort caused by menopause.

Useful for Premenstrual Syndrome
With the name of premenstrual syndrome is denominated the different physical and emotional changes that occur before menstruation, and that usually tend to disappear with it. That is, it basically consists of the set of both physical and emotional symptoms that appear in the woman before the arrival of menstruation and that finally disappear with her.

In this sense, evening primrose oil can be used to calm the symptoms of premenstrual syndromes, such as irritation, migraines, pain and swelling, thanks to its richness in prostaglandins and its anti-inflammatory action. That is, it is suitable both for relieving physical symptoms and emotional discomfort.

To regulate menstruation and calm your pains
When the evening primrose oil is consumed regularly it becomes a very interesting natural traditional remedy when there is irregular menstruation, since it helps regulate it naturally. On the other hand, as indicated in the previous section, it is also useful to relieve the pain caused by menstruation.

Of course, its consumption is not recommended during pregnancy since it can cause uterine contractions.

Reduces high cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Whether in high cholesterol or triglycerides, especially when the elevation of fats in the blood is primarily related to menopause, evening primrose oil is used to reduce high cholesterol and triglycerides. It is an appropriate natural option to reduce the advance of arteriosclerosis.

Very useful in case of hypertension
In case of hypertension, evening primrose oil is traditionally used for its vasodilator action, preventing not only the formation of thrombi or clots by preventing the aggregation or adhesion of platelets that form them, but being useful to reduce high blood pressure. Of course, for this quality is not advised to use in case of disorders or coagulation problems.

Its benefits for beauty: hair, skin, and nails
Although the most common is to associate evening primrose oil with menopause and menstruation, did you know that when consumed internally on a regular basis it becomes a very interesting traditional remedy to enjoy a much more natural beauty ?. Its most important benefits in this regard are the following:

For hair: helps reduce the presence of dandruff on the scalp.
For the skin: it helps to improve acne, reducing the presence of those annoying pimples. It also prevents skin aging and moisturizes the skin.
For nails: it becomes an excellent natural option in case of brittle nails.

How to take the evening primrose oil to enjoy its benefits
Although its dose depends on each patient and should always be the nutritionist or doctor who recommends the appropriate dose according to each case, it usually comes in the form of capsules or pearls with 500 or 1000 mg. of evening primrose oil.

The most common is to take 1 pearl of evening primrose oil along with the meals, which makes a maximum of 3 capsules per day.

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