He Couldn’t Straighten His Back For Many Months Until The Chiropractor Did This


He Couldn’t Straighten His Back For Many Months Until The Chiropractor Did This

A seventeen-year-old, named Muntathar, began having trouble straightening his back and was experiencing severe pain and numbness in his legs after he pulled a tree root out of the ground. He became bed bound and was absolutely miserable. This persisted for months, and Muntathar visited many doctors in his native country, the United States, but none of them would treat him. Finally, he decided to travel to Australia to visit Dr. Ian, a chiropractor, as a last resort.

Couldn't Straighten His Back

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When he arrived, Dr. Ian conducted some tests and diagnosed him with kyphosis. Kyphosis a medical term that means curving of the spine. It causes people to have rounded backs. It typically occurs in elderly women, though it can occur in people of all ages. Some common causes of kyphosis are degenerative diseases, fractures, and injuries. Muntathar’s kyphosis was caused by the injury he sustained when he pulled the tree root.

Dr. Ian continued to run tests and make adjustments to Muntathar’s spine over the course of eight appointments. By the final appointment, Muntathar was able to stand up straight and was pain-free.

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