Girl Began Complaining About Her Slimy Eyes…Then Doctor Sees THIS


Girl Began Complaining About Her Slimy Eyes…Then Doctor Sees THIS

A little girl of around four complained to her mother that her eyes itched and felt “slimy.” The mother washed her slimy eyes out with water, thinking the problem was something minor. The girl’s eyes didn’t improve at all; in fact, they became red and swollen. Five days after the child’s initial complaint, the mother brought her to the Xiamen University Affiliated Eye Care Centre in south-eastern China to be treated.


Liu Zhaosheng, the chief physician, examined the child and noted some black spots in the corner of her left eye. When he tried to pry her eye open for a better look, he found some of the eyelashes were stuck together. When he tried to pull the lashes apart with a pair of tweezers, he got a nasty shock.

There were tiny insects hiding under the eyelashes, and there were also several rows of eggs. They turned out to be pubic lice, a blood-sucking parasite often transmitted via se*ual contact. They can also be transmitted by contact with dirty clothes and bedding. In this case, the child’s grandmother, who often babysat her, did not wash her clothes or bedding very often. When Dr. Liu examined the grandmother, he found she also had pubic lice in her eyelashes.

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Dr. Liu and his nurses treated both patients. They cut off their eyelashes and then painstakingly removed the lice and the eggs. He administered eye drops to relieve the swelling and pain and to treat any infections. He later commented that “I’ve been a doctor for almost 20 years and have rarely seen these parasites living in a child’s eye.”

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