She Looks Like a Monster After a Black Market Doctor Injects Her Face with Cement


She Looks Like a Monster After a Black Market Doctor Injects Her Face with Cement

Can you imagine that every time you look in the mirror you see a deformed monster? One woman named Rajee Narinesingh was so desperate to look beautiful that she let a black market doctor inject an unknown substance into her face. What happened to her was nothing less than horrifying. At first, her face looked more smooth and pretty. Over time, however, the substance that was injected became rock-hard, and she looked like her face was full of rocks. That was almost the truth since she later found out that her face was injected with cement!


Rajee is a transgender woman from Hollywood, Florida, and she has gone to great lengths to feel and look more feminine. Being beautiful, though, comes with a high price tag. Rajee was just trying to save a little money by going to what is called a “pumping party” in 2005. At these parties, someone who claims to be a doctor hosts a party where beauty injections are given at a discounted price. This is actually a great way to save money on injections like Botox, but only if the doctor and the product are not a scam.


Rajee was almost scammed out of her entire life. For a woman to have to face the world looking as appalling as she did takes a lot of courage. The worst part is that she had to live for ten years looking the way she did because doctor after doctor told her that there was nothing they could do to fix the damage. She somehow maintained a positive attitude even when she had no hope of ever looking normal again.

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One day, Rajee caught an episode of the show “Botched,” where doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow take on extraordinary cases of individuals who have had surgeries that have frightening results. Rajee began to have a little hope that maybe these doctors could help her. She told them about her black-market cement injections and they immediately wanted to help her.


The doctors were able to remove most of the cement in Rajee’s face. They had to leave the cement in her breasts and buttocks because of the risk factors. The results will make you gasp. You can view some of Rajee’s transformation when she made an appearance on Barcroft TV after her surgery.

Rajee was one of the lucky ones who escaped her misfortune without paying for it with her life. There have been many more cases similar to Rajee’s where the individuals have died or came close to death due to the toxicity of the chemicals that they get injected into them. One woman name Apryl Brown was offered buttocks injected by a client in her salon. She went to the woman’s house numerous times to receive the injections. Like Rajee, though, the substance hardened and became painful. This led to a Staph infection and she had to have both hands and feet amputated.


In the case of a Georgia woman named Gordon, she scoured the Internet to find someone who was willing to do injections for cheap. She found someone who had no medical training, but who claimed she knew what she was doing. After her $1,500 injection, blood clots formed in her lungs and killed her. The person who did the injection is now charged with murder. You can read more about these terrible cases in this Fox News article.

If you are one of the millions of women who is seeking injections, you must go to a licensed doctor to get it done. Do not agree to get injections at a party, in a hotel room, or at a person’s house. This could result in death. Rajee was one of the few success stories.

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