She Spent Over $87,000 For Her Beauty But Received THIS Instead!


She Spent Over $87,000 For Her Beauty But Received THIS Instead!

Inside of each person is the desire for perfection. For most people the quest for perfection is found in a fulfilling career, family life, or even an artistic hobby. There is one Italian woman whose project is her own flesh.

A Quest for Perfection

Fulvia Pellegrino is a little different than anyone else in her wish for perfection. This 56-year-old transgender woman has spent the last eleven years of her life trying to reach her inner ideal. So far her quest for outer beauty has cost her friends, the respect of her village, and some 87,000 dollars.


Pellegrino’s body has withstood more surgeries than most people. She has had more than 150 lip and cheek fillers. She has nipped in her waist and thighs with two rounds of liposuction. She has pumped out her chest with four breast surgeries. She still says that she wants perfection. It looks something like an American transgender star named Allanah Starr.

Early Turmoil

At 13 Pellegrino first realized that she was transgender. She says that it was hard to grow up in the wrong body but knew that her strict family would never accept her. Early in her life, she would hide in the family garage and wear makeup and woman’s clothing. Shame kept her true identity firmly hidden.

In public, she tried to live as mainly a lifestyle as possible. She bought guns and fast pricey cars to hide her inner turmoil. Her hobbies were stereotypically masculine. She played football. She drank too much beer. She rode American style 4x4s and shot her many guns. She wore this mask till 2000.

She first came out to her wife Marisa. Her wife was quite upset at first. It was hard to find out that the manly man whom she married is, in fact, a rather feminine woman! But the relationship survived. Today the two still live together. Now they act as sisters and do not live as a married couple.

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Her New Life

At first, it was just hormone therapy and a helpful psychologist. Next it was looking into plastic surgery to alter her rather masculine body into a more feminine shape. Her father tried to have her wife commit her into a psychiatric institution. Her brothers were her only family members to stand by her side.

In 2004, she received her first breast implants. She also had a facelift and a nose job. Now the quest for perfection went too far. Her first surgeries were soon followed by three more breast procedures to get the perfect perk. Her cheeks were pumped up and retouched many times. Her lips suffered surgery many times in the search for the perfect pout. Even her bum has been lifted!

She has sold her cars, all her guns, and even a home in France to pay for her new look. She no longer runs her restaurant and often is financially strapped. She and her wife now live on her wife’s wages.

Can’t Buy Beauty

Everyone wants the perfect body. Not everyone is born into one that feels completely wrong, but surgery can only do so much. Perhaps before going under the knife, a person should look for their own inner light.


She’s got lips.

She's got lips

Red leather is her color.

Surgery is rough.

Surgery is rough.


Taken at the wedding.

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