7 Warning Signs Your Body Silently Suffering From Your Lifestyle


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7 Warning Signs Your Body Silently Suffering From Your Lifestyle

As a child, you learn about proper hygiene and other health-related subjects. When you’re an adult, these concepts might be pushed aside because of busy lifestyles. Work, family and friends may fill your days, but your health must be a priority too. In fact, you might notice certain health issues bothering you over the years. These ailments are warning signs that your lifestyle is unhealthy, and you should address them as quickly as possible.

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Declining Oral Health

Your mouth is a critical indicator of poor health. Tooth cavities, swollen gums and other issues will tell doctors that you aren’t taking care of yourself. Smoking, high-sugar diets and other habits are visually apparent when a doctor inspects your mouth. Doctors might require more frequent dental cleanings and blood tests for any issues that aren’t obvious. Simply changing a high-sugar diet to one with more fruits and vegetables can significantly help your oral health. It’s important to go to your regular dental checkups as well.

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Bloodshot Eyes

Your vision is also affected by an unhealthy lifestyle. If you suffer from constant bloodshot eyes, you might be straining too much. Computer, tablet and smartphone use is hard on the eyes. Exercise your eyes by focusing away from your electronic device, at least, every 20 minutes. You’ll experience less eye strain and bloodshot conditions. Smoking can also cause poor eye health so examine your daily habits and narrow down any causal factors. If you have other problems like bad vision or cataracts, consider talking to an Ophthalmologist in South Jordan about your options.

Hearing Loss

If you walk around a large city, the majority of people wear headphones or earbuds as they go about their daily lives. Hearing loss occurs very frequently today because of high volume levels used on headphones. If you notice hearing loss or a ringing in your ears, discuss these issues with your doctor. They can suggest a device volume level that’s safe. Once you lose your hearing, it’s almost impossible to restore it.

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Constant Common Cold or Flu

If you seem to be constantly sick, it’s time to look at your diet and hygiene. Eat more fruits and vegetables that have Vitamin C and other immunity boosting nutrients. Wash your hands throughout the day and keep them away from your face. Germs often use your facial mucous membranes to infect you with both viruses and bacteria.

Excessive Exercising

Your doctor may have told you to exercise more, but there is a time when too much motion is bad for you. Exercise four to five times a week, and seek out regimens that fit your health level. Don’t run several miles if you’re just beginning to work out again, for example. Exercise to give you energy. If you’re overwhelmed with fatigue after a workout, you’ve overexerted yourself.

Burnt and Flaky Skin

When you enjoy the outdoors, you’re often in the sun for many hours. You have an unhealthy lifestyle when you don’t use sunscreen on a constant basis. Burnt and actively flaking skin only means that your body is repairing the considerable damage. Wear tight-fitting clothing or spread on the sunscreen and protect yourself from skin cancer and other serious ailments.

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Hair Loss

Unless you’re a senior, hair loss isn’t normal for most people. Take a look at your daily diet. Starving yourself or eating very few nutrient-packed items contributes to hair loss. In fact, your hair becomes brittle and breaks off in sections with a poor diet. Your doctor can suggest a healthy diet that helps you fight off any hair problems.

Regardless of your medical history, visit your doctor at least once a year. This professional can give you a physical and verify any issues before they become serious problems. Speak candidly with the professional about any problems you’ve experienced. It’s these small clues that can help the professional and guide you to a healthier lifestyle.


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