34 Year Old Woman Dies Moments After Getting Butt Enlargement In New York


34 Year Old Woman Dies Moments After Getting Butt Enlargement In New York

Kelly Mayhew has died at age 34 after receiving but enlargement injections in a New York basement from a doctor who did not have a license. She had to drive into this home in Queens with her mother from Suitland, Maryland. She received silicone injections, and during the procedure, she began having trouble breathing, according to her mother’s statement to the police.

34 Year Old Woman Dies Moments After Getting Butt Enlargement In New York



Her mother asked the woman who had done the injections to call 911, and she started to do CPR on her daughter. However, the woman did not help. Instead, she fled in a grey SUV.

When emergency personnel arrived, they found Kelly unresponsive. They did CPR on her and rushed her to the hospital, but she did not make it.

A Medical Examiner is looking into the cause of her death, and the investigation of the entire incident is still in progress. Detectives are also doing tests on the contents of the needles.

According to her mother, Kelly had had five plastic surgeries before. She had taken a great deal of pride in her appearance, and this was the first procedure to be done that had resulted in any negative consequences. However, this is not the first death from black market injections to make buttocks bigger. These deaths have been reported in multiple states, including not only New York, but Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Alabama.

The woman has fled, but if she is found, she could be convicted of manslaughter and be looking at 100 years in jail.

Woman, 34, dies moments after getting butt enlargement from ‘unlicensed’ doctor in the basement of a home in New York| Dailymail

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