This Man Came Back To Life After An Hour Without A Pulse And This Is What Happened To Him


This Man Came Back To Life After An Hour Without A Pulse And This Is What Happened To Him

What comes after death has been a source of speculation and debate for thousands of years. Plenty of belief systems have their own idea of what happens after death. Many people believe in a sort of afterlife, where a person experiences an idealized world filled with their loved ones who have passed away while other people think that nothing happens after death. One man’s experience has left him convinced in an afterlife.

This Man Came Back To Life After An Hour Without A Pulse And This Is What Happened To Him

Brian Miller was a 41-year-old trucker from Ohio who came back to life almost an hour after his heart stopped beating. While Miller was in the middle of opening a container, he felt an odd sensation in his chest, and he was certain that he was having a heart attack. Miller managed to call 911, but the main artery in his heart was completely blocked by a clot. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors worked to heal Miller.

The doctors cleared the blockage from his heart and briefly revived Miller, but then he started to experience ventricular fibrillation. During fibrillation, the heart shakes and quivers crazily, and without the normal heartbeat rhythm, it cannot pump blood. For roughly 45 minutes, Miller had no pulse, blood pressure, or heart rate. Doctors tried to shock Miller’s heart back into rhythm and revive him with CPR, but nothing was working.

Miller reports that he had a life-altering experience while he was not pumping blood in the real world. He saw a beautiful path lined with flowers and glowing with a white light. Eventually, he came across his beloved stepmother, who had recently passed away. Though she looked happy and peaceful, his stepmother stopped Miller from continuing on the pathway. She told him “It’s not your time, you don’t need to be here, we’ve got to take you back because you’ve got things to go and do.”

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After this experience, Miller suddenly returned to consciousness and his pulse came back. Though his brain was without any oxygen source for 45 minutes, he is still able to walk, talk, and function normally. Miller is grateful for his second chance at life after this medical miracle occurred, and he states that “there is an afterlife and people need to believe in it, big time.”

There are some scientific findings that explain why Miller experienced what he did. Many people report seeing a bright light, which occurs because oxygen and blood flow are not reaching the optic nerves, and the central part of the visual system shuts down last, creating a tunnel effect. The sense of euphoria and peace that Miller and other people in his situation have experienced is because the brain is flooded with dopamine during moments of physical trauma. High levels of dopamine have been known to cause vivid hallucinations and a sense of overwhelming happiness and joy.

The study of near death experiences is a growing field that focuses on the many people who have had visions similar to Miller’s while they were briefly not alive. Though it is hard to collect scientific data, there seems to be a medical reason for why so many people have vivid dreams of an afterlife during near death experiences. It is impossible to know if there is any meaning behind Miller’s dream, but his story is still a shocking and heartwarming tale of a man who managed to survive being dead for 45 minutes with no lasting damage.

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