She Takes Several Pregnancy Tests Before Finally Discovering THIS


She Takes Several Pregnancy Tests Before Finally Discovering THIS

Louise was a happy and healthy 25 year old until she suddenly started having medical issues. Louise noticed random sharp cramping, and she was dealing with abnormal bleeding between her periods. When she went to the doctor, the doctor suggested she just take a pregnancy test. Though Louise took two pregnancy tests, both of them came back negative.


Not only did her current symptoms continue, but Louise started to notice other medical problems as well. She was frequently urinating, her back constantly hurt, and she was no longer hungry. Though she was not eating a lot, Louise began to gain weight and feel bloated. Doctors could see no issue that was causing her symptoms, so they just kept telling her to take a pregnancy test. Altogether, Louise took seven pregnancy tests before she could convince the doctors that something was actually wrong with her.

Eventually, Louise convinced the doctors to listen to her problems instead of automatically diagnosing her as pregnant. An ultrasound was done that showed Louise had an entirely different condition. It turns out that Louise has a rare form of ovarian cancer, called a grade two immature teratoma tumor. This tumor was the size of her stomach, and it was putting pressure on most of her other organs as well.


After she finally got a correct diagnosis, Louise underwent a procedure to remove the tumor. The tumor was removed, along with one of Louise’s ovaries and fallopian tubes. Fortunately, the cancer has not spread anywhere, and Louise can still get actually pregnant in the future if she wants to.

Louise’s story sounds bizarre, but it is actually somewhat common. The type of cancer that she had is typically found in women in their early twenties. Another young woman, 18 year old Riley Benado, was also in a similar situation recently. Her abdomen was so bloated from a tumor that her doctors originally told her that she was at least five months pregnant. However, her condition was diagnosed faster than Louise’s condition, because there was no way that Riley could be pregnant. Since she was a virgin, she was able to get doctors to do ultrasounds and biopsies more promptly. Like Louise, Riley was able to receive help in time, and her cancerous ovaries were quickly removed.

For women with an ovarian tumor, a fast diagnosis is absolutely essential. Promptly discovering a tumor allows doctors to start treating it before the tumor can spread to other parts of the body, where it is harder to get rid of the cancerous cells. However, the symptoms of an ovarian tumor can often mimic the signs of pregnancy, and valuable time is wasted with doctors who insist on multiple pregnancy tests. Symptoms of ovarian cancer are most commonly abdominal swelling or bloating, lack of appetite, pain in the lower stomach, back or pelvis, frequently needing to urinate, and abnormal bowel movements or menstruation.

If you suspect that you have ovarian cancer, it is important to mention your concerns to a doctor as soon as possible. With prompt treatment, the outlook for ovarian cancer is often positive. Women like Louise and Riley illustrate just how common it is for doctors to misdiagnose ovarian cancer, but fortunately, these lucky young women managed to get treatment before the cancer spread to other areas of the body.

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