All Natural Breast Lift – No Surgery Required!


All Natural Breast Lift – No Surgery Required!

Pills, surgery, and creams – oh my! There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the lengths people will go to have great breasts. However, it should be known that you don’t have to go under the knife or use expensive creams to perk up your sweater puppies. Regardless of your reasons – maybe you’re getting older, maybe years of being hunched over a computer are starting to take their toll, maybe you just had a baby – or heck, all of those! Or none of them! No matter what, the first place to look isn’t at the bottom of a jar or the end of a knife – lifting your breasts can be done right at home (where no one can see you give up after five minutes and go back to a Gossip Girl marathon) with some of the following easy-to-do exercises. You literally have nothing to lose – so why not? Give it a try! Let us know how they work for you in the comments section.

All Natural Breast Lift No Surgery Required

Now, before we get started, we must insist everyone wear a proper sports bra during exercise. Breast tissues can become damaged and begin to sag (or worse!) during exercise. These are your breast friends, you need to treat them right! You don’t need a bra-fitting expert to help you find the correct bra size (we actually have an article for that right here! *link them* Find and purchase the most supportive exercise bra you can find that’s within your budget, if they make them (sorry ladies above the letter H – do your best!) but even AA-ladies should be wearing a sports bra when sweating to the 80s!

The first exercise we’ll talk about is the bench press which you’ll probably have to go to the gym for. If that’s not a possibility for you, feel free to skip this one. However, if you can make it work, you should know that no other exercise can lift breasts better than free weights at an incline, decline, and then flat bench press. While using a bar or dumbbells, lie on your back on an adjustable . If you’re on the decline, don’t forget to use the leg rests so you don’t slide gradually as you work out until you’re on the floor (learn from our fail!) Unrack the bar, or have your spotter hand you dumbbells, and lower the weight inline with your nipple line until about an inch above your chest. Press back up until your arms are almost locked. This is one repetition (or one “rep”).

If you’ve never lifted weights before, definitely start slow with about one or two sets with around eight to twelve reps each time. Doing this will give your muscles and joints time to adapt to the new stress. After about four to six weeks, increase your intensity slowly. Most people can start out with eight or ten pound dumbbells on the bench press and many have no problems using the bar (which can be around twenty to forty pounds). If you don’t increase the intensity in some way after the four to six week period, you will hit a plateau and then no progress is being made!

Pectoral flys are another great way to lift the breasts and should also, preferably, take place on a weight bench. Lie on your back, hold dumbbells together above your chest, perpendicular to your nipple line, with palms facing inwards. Elbows should be slightly bent as though you’re holding an exercise ball. Lower and widen both arms out to your sides, keeping elbows bent, then return arms to the starting position – squeezing your chest muscles together as you do so. Congratulations, that was one rep! Do at least another seven of those before stopping.

While you’re on the weight bench, and your feet are on the floor for stability, clutch a dumbbell firmly with both hands above your chest with your elbows in a straight line. Keeping your elbows in that straight line, gradually lift the weight to the top of your head, then bring them back to your chest. Whew! That’s one rep, another seven to go!

So, you can’t get to the gym or are unwilling to go. Well, here’s a couple of exercises you can do on your own in the comfort of your own home – probably even during commercial breaks, or at least while you think about what you want to eat later! (And, before you even ask, YES you should be wearing a sports bra for these, too. Your breasts deserve all the support and care you can afford to give them. Your entire body does, that’s why we’re doing this, remember?)

Wall push-ups are an easy way to get started at home. Stand about one or two feet away from a wall. Place your hands on the wall at shoulder level and a little wider than your shoulders’ width apart. Bend your elbows downwards, so when you do the “push-up” motion, they brush your sides. Hold this pose, tense if you like, then gradually shove yourself back into the initial pose. Do this eight to twelve times, to start.

Was that too easy for you? Let’s do some ground push-ups, then! Put your arms shoulder-width apart while your arms are in a straight line, but not locked. Gradually lower yourself until you’re about an inch from the floor, then raise yourself back up again. Do this as many times as you can, trying for ten or maybe two sets of five with a small break in the middle. Don’t over do it! However, if you feel like you can do a couple more after a few days of doing this, go for it.

If you need to, especially if you just started doing push-ups, it’ll be less stressful for your and your joints if you rest your knees on the floor. This reduces the amount of weight you’re lifting from 60% to around 35% and will help you get started. After a couple weeks of doing your push-ups on your knees, feel free to try to keep your regular numbers but removing your knees from the equation. Sooner or later, you’ll reach the point where you can perform this task with only your palms and toes on the floor. When doing push-ups, remember to keep your back straight and don’t do any quick, bouncy movements as these may cause damage.

These are only five of the many exercises one can do to lift their breasts naturally. You can do one exercise, a handful of them, or all of them! Do whatever works for you – the point is to do them and get started, don’t worry if you’re not perfect or that you don’t get the hang of it right away. Every little bit helps and any progress moves you forward! wisegeek ayurvedeccure boldsky

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