Why You Should Stop Letting Your Baby Sleep In A Car Seat


Why You Should Stop Letting Your Baby Sleep In A Car Seat

Letting infants sleep in devices that are not meant for sleeping is likely to put their lives at risk. Oftentimes, parents will let their babies fall asleep in the car or in the stroller and let their baby continue to nap until he or she wakes up on their own. Studies show, however, that this can place the child’s life in danger.

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According to Women Daily Magazine, a recent study investigated 47 cases of babies under 24 months who passed away while sleeping in a car seat or baby carrier. Two-thirds of the deaths occurred in car seats while one-third happened in swings, baby carriers, strollers, and bouncers. In many cases, parents place their children in these sitting devices in order to get them to go to sleep.

According to Live Science, when a baby is out of sight and asleep, they should be lying on their back alone in a crib, with no loose sheets, clothing, or stuffed animals. Car seats and other devices are not made for sleeping and children should not be left unsupervised in these devices.

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The straps on a car seat can suffocate a baby who has fallen asleep and placed their chin to their chest for rest. The straps and buckles pose a risk for any infant who does not have an open airway at all times. The bodies of infants get positions in dangerous ways that prevent them from getting enough air. A tragedy can occur within four minutes of a child losing their airway by falling asleep in a car seat.

While this occurrence may not be as common as other childhood tragedies, it is still important to let parents know of the risks involved with letting children fall asleep in a device that was not meant for sleep.

CNN reports that parents often do not want to wake their baby if they are asleep. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that sleeping for too long while sitting may make it impossible for a baby to get sufficient oxygen. While a car seat is positioned in a car to be tilted and lessen the chance of tragedy, when a car seat is flat on a floor, it does not have that same tilt, and furthers a baby’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Car seats should not be carried into a house to continue to let a child sleep. Letting babies sleep in a seated position might also contribute to a flat spot on the back of a baby’s head that would create a worsening in reflux.

Following all of the guidelines when having a baby may seem overwhelming or difficult, but it is important when they are sleeping to be strict about the guidelines. Keep babies in their cribs, alone, and on their backs for the safest results.

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