Surgeons Horrified by Her Butt Implant Moving Underneath Her Skin


Surgeons Horrified by Her Butt Implant Moving Underneath Her Skin

More women than ever are in the market for butt surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), butt surgery  has become the fastest growing cosmetic surgical option since 2014. In their 2015 study, ASPS found that some kind of butt surgery was going on in the USA every 30 minutes. Butt implant, nowadays, is a solution for many women around the World.

Surgeons Horrified by Her Butt Implant Moving Underneath Her Skin

This study also found that there were over 22,000 procedures for butt implants in 2015. Fat grafting procedures are up 28 percent, while butt implants and butt lifts are both up 36 percent from 2014 to 2015.

One of the main reasons for this increase in popularity could be due to media hype. The number of female celebrities nowadays getting attention for their fannies is staggering. From J.Lo to Kim Kardashian, and from Beyoncé to Rita Ora, it has become a part of our culture to watch celebrities showing off their firm bottoms on TV.

But butt surgery, like any other surgery, comes with grave risks. A recent episode of the E! reality show Botched serves as a cautionary tale for anyone interested in getting butt implants.

butt surgery

In this episode, a woman named Misty visits Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif complaining of a pain in her left buttock. Although Misty thinks her left buttock is the problem area, Dr. Dubrow quickly realizes that the real issue is on her right side. When he examines the implant work done on her derriere, he quickly notices that something went terribly wrong with her surgery.


Dubrow actually feels Misty’s implant moving underneath her skin on the right side. He soon discovers that the reason why this implant was just hanging underneath her skin is because of an incompetent surgeon.

implant moving underneath her skin

The surgeon who put the implant in her behind must have assumed that a butt implant works the same as a breast implant, Dr. Dubrow says. A breast implant is put in on the top muscle, exactly how Misty’s butt implant was put in. That is not how a butt implant works. The sagging of Misty’s right buttock may have contributed to the pain Misty experienced on her left side.

This reality show should serve as a warning for both youngsters and adults thinking about butt plastic surgery. There are serious consequences to this procedure, and the risks generally outweigh the costs.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD, who is a plastic surgeon in Baltimore, wrote online that there are a plethora of complications for butt implants. Although butt implant procedures have been around for about 60 years, this does not mean they are 100 percent safe just yet.

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Doctor Markmann said that current studies show a complication rate of 20-30 percent for butt implant surgery. This rate is much higher than any other form of plastic surgery. Some of the common complications that arise from this procedure include infection of the implants, pain, unnatural rotation, pressure on the sciatic nerve, and drooping.

A much safer option for people looking to firm up their rear end is to look into exercises for a natural butt lift. There are many exercise programs currently online that offer basic toning exercise regimens.

For any parents reading this article, it is best to teach your girls not to look up to celebrities for their bodies. Instead, they should look up to celebrities for their achievements. Instilling a strong work ethic in young women is a great motivator for change in this world.

If your children still want a firm booty, give them money for a gym membership instead of money for surgery. This way young girls will learn the value of discipline, hard work, and patience, all skills that can take them much farther in this world than a fake bum.

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