How has Candy Crush Bruised Teens Mind?


How has Candy Crush Bruised Teens Mind?

The ever- addictive Candy Crush has cherished almost everyone. Crafted by King Digital Entertainment, it is a free app game that when struck to the brain, people love taking their Smartphone out from the pocket. Either it is considered as a favorite game or best time pass, the truth is it is almost the addiction.


Tapping the fingers almost all day, teenagers are getting obsessed with this sweet game. Well, something so addictive seems to be the right combination to keep players stay in the game. But, if talk practically, it is unable to understand why teenagers spend a lot of time and money in this mindless game. Is there any reward? Is it completely a mind-tricky game? The answer is simple, no. It bruises teen’s mind when that sweet tooth calls them.

Is Candy Crush Saga a Mind Game or Just an Addiction?

Whether a school student is studying or watching TV, it is true that he or she would love to play a game for a while to accomplish that level they are unable to pass. Thinking of playing for an hour, the game goes for long. And thus, before they get to know about their study hours, they cross the level and game continue. Isn’t it an addiction? This game has seized one’s mind and a matter of fact; it cannot be a mind game.

How it trapped the mind? While playing this ever-addictive game, mental rewards release a neurochemical called “dopamine” in the brain. As this chemical is released, a brain responds by creating circuits that encourage addictive behavior and pleasurable responses. Dopamine can be a bad chemical, but it is good in many ways. It contributes to one’s learning and helps him or her developing behavioral responses. But, this behavior needs to be controlled, when it comes to Candy Crush; else, it could affect on one’s healthy living.

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How One Can Get Rid of This Fascinating Game?

Deciding if whether or not Candy Crush is a healthy brain choice would require teenagers to examine its impact on their daily life. It can be easily determined by 13+ students, who are banging their head on phones for long hours in destroying the candies to pass the level. But, destroying candies is robustly damaging their brains. This game is totally interfering with one’s life making their diet schedule and study timetable, unable to manage.

Many students play Candy Crush game while eating, watching TV, or studying, and consider it a multi-tasking. But, it is nothing more than an addiction. Yes, in reality, their behavior has become their obsession. If you are one of them, then you must ask yourself- Is your personal life is just a Candy Crush? Isn’t there any solution to get rid of it? Yes, there is and the first one is- uninstall the app. But, if you can’t, then follow these 3 healthy living tips:

  • Keep your mind active and don’t be trapped in the game.
  • Never play it online. Play it offline so that you don’t know about other competitors. Sharing scores, enhance the curiosity to play more.
  • Try to do something different and interesting, instead of playing this game.

It is crucial to change your behavior so that your personal life won’t get disturbed.

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