6 Common Ways You’re Killing Your Brain Cells


6 Common Ways You’re Killing Your Brain Cells

There are a number of ways in which brain cells can die. Lack of blood or oxygen is one of them. Other causes of brain cell death include chemicals, medications, lack of sleep and more. Avoiding these things is the most effective way to prevent brain cell death, leading to a longer, clearer and happier mind or brain. Here are six common ways that people kill brain cells.

6 Common Ways You're Killing Your Brain Cells

1. Lack of Sleep
Many people work jobs that require them to be awake at odd hours. Basically, a study has determined that loosing sleep can lead to irreversible brain damage. This actually makes a ton of sense when one thinks about it. Many animals, including humans, sleep to allow their body to heal, and skipping this important process can be detrimental.

2. Smoking (Tobacco)
Most smoke, including tobacco smoke, contains not only carcinogens but gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Both of these gases, especially carbon monoxide, are known to cause brain cell death. The main reason for this is that these gases take the place of oxygen, a necessary gas for brain cells to function.

3. Anti Depressants
Almost any drug with the word “anti” in it should be avoided, especially anti psychotics. Of course, things like antibiotics and antioxidants are an exception. There have been many studies and cases that found severe, irreparable brain damage to be a result of these drugs. In actuality, they do significantly more harm than good, regardless of the circumstances. There are hundreds of natural, harmless alternatives that are effective in treating depression.

4. Severe Dehydration
Typical, average dehydration won’t cause enough water loss that will result in brain damage. However, severe dehydration, such as being stuck in the desert for days, can lead to significant brain-cell death. This is mainly because of the fact that brain cells need water to survive, and the body is mainly made of water.

5. Stress
Many people experience stress throughout their lives, whether it’s from work, school or whatever. It turns out that this stress can lead to some form of brain-cell damage. Worse yet, having a lack of brain cells could make it harder to deal with stress, creating a domino effect. Nobody really knows exactly why stress kills brain cells, however, the results are there.

6. Concussions
For obvious reasons, concussions can cause a certain level of brain cell damage, depending on the severity of impact. Not only does the impact itself cause brain cells to die, but the brain’s natural reaction to swell up could make things worse.

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