Doctor Discovers a Rare Disorder After She Drew a Clock


Doctor Discovers a Rare Disorder After She Drew a Clock

Doctors were desperate in finding a rare disorder when author and journalist Susannah Cahalan was hospitalized for an unknown affliction. It was up to them to figure out what her condition was. For Cahalan, it started off as drastic mood swings from hysterical happiness to inconsolable sadness. She began having seizures, leading to hospitalization. Cahalan’s behavior worsened, turning violent toward nurses and even family members. At the time, Cahalan was experiencing hallucinations that led her to mistrust people.

Doctor Discovers a Rare Disorder After She Drew A Clock

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With doctors convinced that Cahalan had gone clinically insane, they were ready to commit her to an institute. But when Dr. Souhel Najjar investigated Cahalan’s condition, he began to suspect another condition.


Najjar asked Cahalan to draw a clock. Cahalan drew the numbers only on the right side of the clock, leading to a discovery. The left side of Cahalan’s brain had stopped working due to a rare immune system disorder. Although her brain wasn’t permanently damaged, the wall between the brain and the periphery was disrupted.


Cahalan was then prescribed medication that regulated her immune system, causing the impairment to disappear. Thanks to Najjar’s discovery, Calahan was able to avoid living out an institutionalized life.

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