The Most Powerful Weight Loss Beverage: You’ll Get a Flat Stomach in NO Time!


Let’s be honest with ourselves here. There is no magic drink that will make us wake up 50 pounds lighter tomorrow morning. It’s not one of the better facts of life, but it is a fact of life, nonetheless.

The best thing you can do to help facilitate any weight loss plan is drink plenty of water. That’s it. Water is the single greatest thing for the human body. It not only keeps your body hydrated which helps prevent headaches, muscle aches and sweating, but drinking plenty of water will also help flush toxins, waste and fat from your body.

The Most Powerful Weight Loss Beverage

You can help water help you even more with some simple water infusion recipes. Let us get you started with our favorites.

Healthy Choices Water

This simple water infusion recipe is perfect for anyone. Begin with a pitcher of ice and place the ingredients on top of the ice. For our Healthy Choices Water recipe, you are going to need cucumber and lemon. Cut up both ingredients any way you wish, but rounds or tiny wedges work well for style and looks. Removing the skins of the cucumber can add to the visual appeal, but do not throw those skins away. There are a lot of nutrients in there and a lot of uses for them. Place the ingredients on top of the ice and pour cold, filtered water into the pitcher and stir everything together. Place in fridge and let chill for at least three hours.

The cucumber on our Healthy Choices Water recipe helps aid in flushing our system and contains antioxidants. Lemon is just amazing. Besides adding great taste for a low cost, the health benefits of this little yellow food include digestion aid, high in some nutrients, helps replenish your body after a workout and can even give your colon a boost.

Just the Cucumber

The name says it all. Forget the lemon and simply prepare this easy recipe just like the Healthy Choices Water. Put ice in a pitcher and add your cut cucumbers. Remember to save the skins if you cut them. Add in some cold, filtered water and let sit for three hours. For on-the-go preparation, pour into travel cups and place in fridge.

There is no miracle drink for weight loss. Water is the closest thing you will find, and infusion recipes will add a kick.


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