The meaning of wrinkles, furrows, and fingers of the face


Meaning of wrinkles, furrows, and fingers of the face

A wrinkle is generally a bump or crease on a surface. It usually refers to folds in fabrics, clothes or in the skin of an organism. The folds are usually random and do not have a repetitive structure.

According to E. Laidlrich, people with wrinkles remember the positive and the negative of the past, being more prepared for the future. Conversely, people without wrinkles tend to imagine the future, living a world of dreams, with too much optimism or naiveté, they do not take advantage of the past as an experience and they feel young until old age.

  1. Laidrich attributes the following characteristics to these 12 lines:




1-MARTIAN LINE: In morphopsychology and aesthetic surgery is known as “nasogenian groove”, and part from the fins of the nose to the corners of the mouth, and in some cases reaches the chin. Indicates that the subject defends their ideas. In a negative person, it is the systematic opposition to the environment.


2-MERCURIAL LINE: It goes from the corner of the eye to the end of the cheek. It is a sign of clumsiness, of ineptitude. The usually have the psychic handicapped.


3-LUNAR LINE: These are people who have achieved their goals quickly. They are usually exhausted by having “climbed” so quickly.


4-SEXUAL LINES: They start from the corner of the eye and open in a fan. Relationship with nervous and sexual abuse. If they are found in children, it means that their activity is not appropriate for their age.


5-VENUSINES LINES: These are the so-called “crow’s feet” that appear over the years. It means that the person is cheerful and romantic. Contrarily, many physiognomists attribute artificial joy to it.


6-LINES OF DISSIPATION: Hang under the eyebrows. As a general rule, it is lack of concentration, and possible use of narcotics or alcoholism.


7-FRONTAL INTELLECTUAL LINES: If they are deep is an indicator of adequate and high concentration. Experience of the problems. In Morphopsychology it is said that “the world is not as they want”. People who do not experience problems show a smooth forehead.


8-VERTICAL LINES OF THE ENTRECYJO OR VENA FRONTALIS: Indicate adventurous spirit, active intelligence, enthusiasm. Will to fit the changes. It can denote an awake and restless mentality.


9-FALLS COMMISSIONS: Bitterness, discomfort, disenchantment. It indicates that the person expected more from life, that he has received little affection, especially on the physical or sexual plane.


10-HENDING OF THE MENTON: It is a sign of harmony, prudence, and rhythm. But it can also mean that the individual is vain or overvalued.


11-JUPITERIAN LINE: It is formed between the mouth and the chin. Obstinacy, stubbornness, difficult to abandon one’s point of view.


12-LINE OF THE LOBE OF THE EAR: If this line is formed, the lobe moves forward. It is not very frequent, but it indicates sexual vulgarity and opposition to the other sex.


12-LINE OF THE LOBE OF THE EAR: If this line is formed, the lobe moves forward. It is not very frequent, but it indicates sexual vulgarity and opposition to the other sex.

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