The natural remedy that eliminates the sugar in the blood comes to light.


The natural remedy that always eliminates the sugar in the blood comes to light.

This remedy to lower blood sugar has come to light after many people experience a considerable improvement, until finally confirming its cure.

With the amount of sugar our food has today, it is not surprising that so many people suffer from high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia). To reduce the consumption of sugar, not only do you have to reduce the foods that contain it, you also have to make a conscious effort to eat foods that will help you regulate blood sugar levels. An easy way to do this is by adding specific ingredients of your daily water intake.

Although do not believe it, but cinnamon and clove will help regulate blood sugar levels. Add these spices to the water or make a delicious tea, it can be the method for its consumption and achieve your purpose of controlling diabetes

In addition, patients manifest an effective weight loss, an acceleration of their metabolism and goodbye to symptoms such as chronic fatigue, constipation, sleep problems, etc.




2 pieces of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of clove powder.

1.5 liter of water.




In a glass jar with lid, add the water and add the cinnamon and cloves.

Mix well all the ingredients and let stand in the refrigerator for 4 days. That is all! During these days, the ingredients will enrich the water and transfer all its healing properties. In addition, many nutrients will be ingested with each glass of this preparation.

The treatment must be carried out fasting, 15 minutes before breakfast. Drink 150 ml daily of this remedy to lower blood sugar. After the recommended time, eat breakfast foods normally. In total, the treatment lasts the necessary days until you drink 4.5 liters of the preparation. Then rest 15 days to start again.

Remember to prepare a new dose of this remedy when you notice that what you already have reaches you only for 4 more days (the waiting time needed).

To be free of this disease, it is necessary to adopt a diet based on raw fruits, salads and seeds such as nuts, regardless of whether or not natural sugar is ingested, because this is not what is going to be amended, importing only to restore the digestive normality, which will result in pureblood formation.

The diabetic is malnourished and intoxicated by intestinal putrefactions, caused by internal fever and inactivity of their skin. The high temperature favors the putrid fermentation, forming acidic and toxic blood, characteristic of the acidosis common to these patients.

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