Growth Hormone Injections for Adults And Kids, Who Should Use It?


Growth Hormone Injections for Adults And Kids, Who Should Use It?

Growth hormone injections are designed to treat growth hormone deficiency in both adults and children. However, there are some people who turn to their use with the hope of staying youthful. Health experts warn that these claims are unfounded and product with growth hormones can be harmful. This article will take you through growth hormone injections for adults and kids, who should use them, their benefits, and safety.

Growth Hormone Injections for Adults And Kids, Who Should Use It?

What are Growth Hormone Injections?

Growth hormone injections are specifically designed to promote growth in children and adults with growth hormone deficiency. They are lab-developed and designed to mimic the behavior of natural human growth hormone (HGH) in the body. These injections should be prescribed by a doctor. Based on your condition, growth hormone injections can be administered several times a week or on a daily basis. HGH injections can be given by a doctor or self-administered. These treatments are usually given for several years but monitoring is important after every 4 to 8 weeks during the entire treatment period.

Who should use Growth Hormone Injections?

Adults and children who exhibit growth hormone deficiency symptoms are usually prescribed growth hormone injections.

In children, the problem is usually noticed at the age of 2 or 3. Children may experience slow growth or none at all. Growth hormone deficiency symptoms include:

1- A chubby built body
2- Looking much younger than their actual age
3- Delayed puberty
4- Impaired hair growth
5- HGH deficiency in adults can manifest as:
6- Heart disease or stroke
7- Weak bones and muscles
8- Weight gain especially around the waist
9- Fatigue and tiredness
10- Loss of concentration and poor memory
11- Growth Hormone Injections Dosage


Dosage recommendations for growth hormone injections are different for different patients. Your doctor should recommend growth hormone injections depending on severity of your condition and the strength of medication used. It is important to follow your doctor’s orders or directions on the label if purchase over-the-counter. For both adults and children, the dosage is also determined by body weight. Injections are usually made under the skin, but your doctor can suggest a muscular injection. While monitoring your progress, your doctor can reduce, increase, or even stop injections with growth hormone.

Other Dosage Considerations

Specific treatment with growth hormone injections are based on a number of factors which include:

1- Overall health and medical history
2- Age
3- Severity of the condition
4- Tolerance to growth hormone injections
5- Personal choice
6- Treatment expectations

Possible Side Effects of Growth Hormone Injections

There are few complications if you handle HGH injection treatments properly. However, side effects have been reported which include:

1- Muscle pains and aches
2- Joint discomforts
3- Swelling of the feet and hand
4- Headaches
5- Heart disease
6- High blood pressure

It is very important to contact your doctor if you experience these symptoms. They will change the dose if necessary to remedy the symptoms. You should not take HGH injection if you have:

1- Cancer
2- Serious illness
3- Tumor
4- Multiple injuries
5- Severe breathing problems

If you are diabetic, you should carefully monitor your blood sugar because growth hormones can affect how insulin is used in the body.

Health Benefits of Growth Hormone Injections

When used properly or as directed by a healthcare provider, growth hormone injections are safe and can effectively treat growth hormone deficiency symptoms. Here are some of the expected benefits.

1- Increased muscle strength and size
2- Improvement in exercise tolerance and endurance
3- Improvement in skin texture, thickness, and elasticity
4- Improvement on wrinkle disappearance
5- Improved hair growth
6- Improved sexual function
7- Improvement in body fat loss
8- Improvement in energy levels
9- Improvement in menopausal symptoms
10- Improved cognitive function including memory retention and concentration

Growth Hormone Injections Long-term Use

Studies have linked long-term use of human growth to the development of a condition call acromegaly. This occurs because adult cannot grow taller through the use of synthetic growth hormone. The high doses can only thicken your bones rather than lengthening them. Acromegaly manifests as overgrown bones, particularly in the feet, hands, and face. The skin surface can also be affected and may become thick, hairy, and coarse.

Growth Hormone Injections Abuse

The most common uses of HGH injections today are not FDA-approved. Some people use them along with other performance-enhancing drugs in an attempt to improve athletic performance and build muscles. Others speculate that HGH injections can reverse aging. However, these claims are unproven. HGH injections are considered as performance-enhancing drugs and are prohibited in professional sports.


Growth hormone injections are FDA approved for treating conditions associated with growth hormone deficiency. They should be carefully used as prescribed by a doctor. You should seek medical assistance if you experience adverse side effects after use. Above all, you should consult your doctor if you consider using any form of HGH.

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