How to Make Pickled Garlic, A Natural Killer for Superbug Infections


How to Make Pickled Garlic, A Natural Killer for Superbug Infections

Holy holistic herbs, Batman! Globally, pickled garlic is a popular holistic medication for colds, upset stomachs and fatigue. Garlic is more than a pungent seasoning for your favorite foods, it’s a potent medicinal ingredient that packs a powerful punch against illness and infection. Common colds don’t stand a chance, because garlic’s chock full of vitamins, A, B and C, plus magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

How to Make Pickled Garlic, A Natural Killer for Superbug Infections

Other benefits of consuming garlic include:
– Treatment of sore throats
– Helps digestion
– Boosts energy
– Stronger hair and clearer skin
– Lowers LDL cholesterol by preventing platelet aggregation
– Lowers blood glucose
– Acts as an antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and anti-fungus thanks to the sulfuric chemical allicin
– Kills intestinal vermin and superbugs
– Supports circulatory and respiratory health

But don’t make garlic the MVP of the spice rack just yet. Dehydrated, powdered garlic is great, but there’s a more advantageous way to prepare the herb that enhances its potency and flavor. If you don’t already partake of pickled garlic, there’s a plethora of reasons why you should. Not only does pickled garlic taste sublime, the medicinal properties are incredible.

Benefits of Pickling Garlic:

– Longer pantry life
– Fresh garlic and pickled garlic can be used in the same recipes
– Pickling doesn’t alter the texture
– Tasty brine
– Unlike roasting or sautéing, pickling doesn’t subtract from garlic’s nutritional value.
– No garlic breath.
– Easier to digest than raw garlic due to vinegar breaking down potent chemical compounds
– It’s easy! All you need is garlic, vinegar, and a big jars.

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Pickled Garlic with Honey for colds and headaches. Sealed jars last about 1 year.
Ingredients: peeled garlic, apple cider vinegar, ½ jar of honey
1. Place peeled garlic in a jar, filling halfway. Add apple cider vinegar.
2. Keep this mixture at room temperature for about 4 weeks.
3. At 4 weeks, pour ½ of the apple cider vinegar into a saucepan and mix in ½ a jar of honey. Warm the mixture, stirring gently.
4. Once blended, pour the honey-vinegar back into the jar and place it in a cool dark place for another 4 weeks.
5. After that you’re free to consume straight from the jar, as a side, or in your favorite recipes.

Peppery Pickled Garlic Recipe
This is a bulk recipe. You’re welcome to change the herbs. Just don’t alter the salt-vinegar-garlic proportions. Also, using salt with anti-caking powder will cloud the liquid.

4 clean jars
1 ¼ cups white wine vinegar.
¾ cup water
1 tbsp salt
1 lbs garlic cloves, peeled
4 bay leaves
4 sprigs rosemary
4 sprigs thyme
4 pinches red pepper flakes—divided
1 tsp ground peppercorns
Lemon slices
Optional add-ins are mustard and celery seeds. Fresh bell pepper or jalapeno can substitute the flakes if you prefer heat.
Try using champagne vinegar, apple cider vinegar or tamari.

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1. In a small pot, combine vinegar, water and salt then bring to a simmer. Stir until the salt dissolves.
2. Place 1 bay leaf, 1 rosemary spring and 1 thyme spring in each jar. Repeat for the spices and herbs you’ve chosen. Divide up the peeled garlic too.
3. Pour hot brine into the jars, leaving at least ½-inch empty. Top with lemon slices.
4. Unsealed jars need to be refrigerated, but sealed ones can be placed on the pantry shelf and used at a later date.

If your pickled garlic turns blue, there’s nothing to worry about! This happens when excess iron and copper in the garlic reacts to the vinegar. There’s no adverse effects in either taste or edibility.

Simply made and healthy, pickled garlic is the only sidekick you’ll ever need. When you enjoy this delicious treat, you’ll supercharge your immune system and ward off whatever infection comes your way.

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