Natural remedies against hepatitis C


Home remedies for hepatitis C

Milk thistle in seeds

Hepatitis C, as you should know, is chronic, which means that the patient has to be constantly in treatment. Anyway, that is not curable does not mean it is not treatable and can cope well. This is how these homemade and natural remedies can be of great help.

Improving the quality of life is one of the things that can be done when you suffer from hepatitis C. It is clear that, for now, there are no known cures for this disease. But yes several ways to face it in the most dignified way possible. For this same reason, you should already know that these natural remedies will not cure you, but they will make you feel better.

Natural remedies to treat hepatitis C


Milk thistle. Phytotherapy has always had answers for this kind of thing. In fact, the wonderful milk thistle is one of the most common components in all kinds of remedies for the liver. In addition, it can be consumed in different ways, being absolutely natural and a great hepatoprotective and regenerative.

Black radish. Nor should we forget those foods that clearly favor liver function and that will help make the disease less problematic. The interesting black radish. This plant usually has a great effect on the liver.

Rooibos. It does not have the aggressiveness of caffeine, it is good in its antioxidant content and it also offers more additional questions, such as being hepatoprotective.

For that reason, do not stop taking this rich infusion. A classic when it comes to care and protect the liver. It helps you to secrete bile naturally and that makes the whole digestive system work better. Do not miss a warm cup of this infusion when you do not feel completely good.

Alcachofa. One of the best hepatoprotectors that exists. While eating the plant and also making infusions with it will achieve excellent results, it must be said that its tincture or extract usually works better to take care of the liver.

Carrot. A vegetable that always has its contribution to take care of the liver. It is best to eat the raw carrot and also prepare juices with it. Never miss your usual diet.


Food to take care of the liver


But it will also be very important what you should avoid: fried, sausages, many types of meat, sugars and refined flours, alcohol, and anything that makes the liver work excessively will be harmful. On the contrary, you should add foods such as fruits and fibers, yogurt and kefir, among others. Below you will find some more recipes that you can use to feed yourself day after day.


Strawberry and cucumber water. A majestic detox recipe for the liver area. Easy to prepare and with a very pleasant flavor. Tomato sauce. Fresh and raw recipes can be excellent for the liver. A rich gazpacho can always come in handy.

Cranberry and beet juice. A wonderful combination The violet plants are perfect to take care of the liver and stimulate its proper functioning. Try them in the form of juice.

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