Terminally Ill Country Singer Joey Feek Shares Heartwarming Photo With Her Fans


Terminally Ill Country Singer Joey Feek Shares Heartwarming Photo With Her Fans

Country singer Joey Feek, 40, has been public with her battle with stage IV cervical cancer since 2014 shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Indiana, who was born with down syndrome. In 2015, the cancer spread to her colon and the musician decided to stop treatment in October before undergoing in-house hospice care at her residence. She had previously undergone chemotherapy, radiation, and radical surgery without success.



On Friday, she was able to share a photo of her time spent with her daughter playing after she had been unable to get out of bed. The heartwarming photo encouraged her fans and allowed them to hope for the best as the country singer continues to fight for her life. Previously, Feek’s husband, Rory, informed their fans that his wife no longer had the strength to get out of bed. Feek has been vocal about hoping to live to her daughter’s second birthday in February of the coming year.

Terminally Ill Country Singer Joey Feek Shares Heartwarming Photo With Her Fans

Feek is married to her bandmate, Rory, with the duo, “Joey + Rory.” The pair were recently nominated for a Grammy Award for their hit song, “If I Needed You.” The couple has made six albums together since they were married in 2002. The song was written about the day that the couple’s daughter was born. Feek responded by saying, “How can that be? The song received no radio airplay… no press… no critical acclaim… and the only music video we made for it was to celebrate the day our little Indiana was born. God is so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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Feek and her husband are currently living in Alexandria, Indiana and have been open on social media about their time spent together in their home. Rory has previously shared photos of her and her daughter wearing matching beanie hats and a slow dance that she did with her husband in their living room after coming home for hospice care. She also posted a photo of her sitting on their porch with her stepdaughters, who are also struggling with seeing Feek in her weak condition.




Although Feek’s health has continued to decline, she’s still determined to beat the disease and continue living. She continues to voice that she is going to get better and improve her health while maintaining a positive attitude.

Joey has also previously written a post on her blog that she was concerned with being unable to raise her daughter. She wants to teach her how to ride horses, saying, “I want to raise our baby … I want to be the one to teach her.”

Feek’s condition may be different each day, but her joyful demeanor during the ordeal has given hope to her fans and has allowed them to remain positive as they watch her spend time with her family.

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