How to Deal with Mice Infestation in Your House


How to Deal with Mice Infestation in Your House: Health Dangers and Solutions

It can be amusing if you randomly spot one mouse, but chances are there could be several others in your home because they breed very fast. It can only take a matter of a few weeks and your home will become infested with dozens of these little creatures. Mice infestation is a serious issue and eliminating them completely can be an uphill task.

Living with mice in your house is not only humiliating but also can put your family at risk of health problems. To communicate with others, mice use urine as they scurry around your house to forage for food and spread diseases. Examples of diseases that can be directly spread through rodents include plague, salmonellosis, Omsk hemorrhage fever, rat-bite fever, and Tularemia.

Mice also like gnawing on wires which can put your family at the risk of electrocution while damaging electrical appliances.

To some people, a single mouse may not be a major bother. However, they become a nuisance when they start flipping at night when one really wants a good rest. The good news is that there are humane ways to eliminate them without ending the lives of these awesome creatures.

Seal all the entry points

The best and easiest way to deal with mice is to ensure that all their entry points are sealed completely. Rodents normally infest homes during the cold months in winter. They search for warmer places to rest, eat, and nest. Some of the ways to make your house rodent proof include:

Trim down tree branches that are near your house. This will prevent them from accessing your house through an opening in your roof.
Use a durable material like metal to seal any holes or gaps. Keep in mind that a mouse can fit in an opening bigger than ¼ of an inch.
Seal window and door frames with weather stripping.
Cover or do away with all the old storage boxes where they like nesting and sleeping.

Use mouse repellants scents

Mice don’t like spicy scents like peppermint, garlic, and cayenne pepper. Most rodents have a strong sense of smell and implementing such scents around your house can deter them. You can soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and put them in strategic areas in your house. The good thing about these scents is that they are natural and can’t pose any risk to your family.

Maintain cleanliness in your home

Rodents like a house that is unkempt. You should eliminate all the clutter in your house, particularly in your garage, closet, and attic. Keep all your food in airtight boxes or closed containers. Keep in mind that a few grams of food per day are all a mouse requires to survive.

Employ non-lethal mouse traps

Instead of snapping rap traps or using toxic glues, switch to non-lethal traps. They can catch the mice without causing any harm. Good examples include bait-based traps, which can lure them into an enclosure. Place these traps where rats frequent the most. To release them, ensure that you travel at least half a mile from your house.

Use aluminum foil to line your home

This doesn’t sound logical although aluminum foil repels mice. It looks unnatural and mice steer clear of it. Rather than strewing it all over your home, you can put the foil is key areas such as your store or kitchen. Another great way is to wrap certain foods that are left out with this foil. It can deter mice from contaminating and nibbling your leftovers.


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