Top 7 Health Hacks While Traveling During Cold And Flu Season


Top 7 Health Hacks While Traveling During Cold And Flu Season

The cold and flu season is here and you must carry on your business trips as usual. And with the concerns about the new strains of cold and flu viruses, you should take all the necessary precautions to remain healthy. It’s been shown that traveling can compromise your immune system. Apart from being in close proximity with strangers, flying can cause dehydration. But the good news is that there are several ways you can stay healthy while traveling during the cold and flu season. Let’s have a look at to 7 health hacks during this season:

Top 7 Health Hacks While Traveling During Cold And Flu Season

  • Keep Your Hands Clean

One of the most important steps you can take to stay healthy during the cold and flu season is to always keep your hands clean. Irrespective of whether you are working or traveling, your hands come into contact with many common surfaces that other people touch. Ensuring that you keep your hands clean is the best way to avoid picking up dirt and germs which can weaken your immune system. Wash your hands using antibacterial soaps or wipes whenever on the go.

  • Carry Your Vitamins

Vitamins C and D help in boosting the immune system by fighting off any invading cold and flu viruses as well as bacteria. It’s important to ensure that your vitamin packs contain zinc which plays a big role in making protein and DNA, the genetic materials in your body cells. You can find zinc lozenges and vitamin supplements which are convenient to carry when traveling in most drugs stores. They don’t have to be prescribed, but it is important to ask your doctor or a pharmacist if they are safe to use when on the go, particularly if you are under prescription medications.

  • Take Water in Plenty

Health experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but if you are traveling, you should take additional amount. When flying, there are changes in altitude and dry air which can cause dehydration. It is thus recommendable to ensure that you drink water regularly irrespective of whether you are thirsty or not. To ensure that you have water onboard a flight, carry with you an empty bottle through airport security and fill it once you get inside.

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  • Get Vaccinated 

If you are planning to make trips during the cold and flu season, it is recommendable to get the flu jab at least a week or two before to allow your body to build up the immune system. If you are queasy about getting the jab, there are other alternatives like nasal sprays and tablets.

  • Shield Your Nose Against Dry Air

Your nose secretes mucus whenever it comes into contact with foreign pathogens, including viruses and bacteria. This mucus contains compounds that break down these pathogens. According to travel information, ensuring that your nasal passages are well hydrated can be effective in enhancing your immune system of pathogen eradication. Whenever you are trying, ensure that you carry saline nasal sprays or nasal mists, particularly if you will be on long flights.

  • Get Enough Rest

Though sometimes it can be hard to get enough sleep when traveling, you should aim to get close to eight hours of sleep every night. Your body requires enough rest to rejuvenate, and if you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system can become compromised. It is important to carry your own blanket and pillow as the ones provided in airlines usually contain germs. Look for a foldable pillow and a light blanket or shawl as a precaution against cold and flu transmission. You can also use them in hotels if you are worried about contracting cold and flu viruses or germs.

  • Take Some Exercises

When taking a long flight or a long car ride, you may feel stuck if you remain seated for a lengthy duration. Ensure you stop or get up and perform a few exercises like walking or stretching. This will help in boosting your circulation through your lymph and blood system, which will go a long way in preventing illnesses. There are some airlines that provide exercising rooms for passengers making long flights—be sure to book one if you are traveling far during the cold and flu season.


Irrespective of where you will be going during this cold and flu season, it is important to take precautions to stay healthy. Your health counts a lot, and usually simple steps like keeping your hands clean, getting enough rest and staying hydrated can make a big difference. In as much you want to remain healthy during this season, you should also be mindful about other travelers. Don’t cough or sneeze in the open air or on your hands because it can help in the spread of germs. Use a tissue instead, discard it and wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Enjoy a healthy trip!

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