Health Checks All Men Over the Age of 40 Should Have


Health Checks All Men Over the Age of 40 Should Have

Regular health checks are important. Even if you feel fine, you should still consult with your doctor on a regular basis and maintain anything that’s out of place before it becomes a major health problem. Below is a list of some of the most important health checks for men who are over the age of 40.

Health Checks All Men Over the Age of 40 Should Have

Cholesterol Screenings
High cholesterol, which is one of the risk factors for heart disease, does not have any symptoms. The only way to know whether you have high cholesterol is to get screened. Screenings are recommended every five years. However, if you are diabetic, obese, or have a family history of high cholesterol, then screenings are recommended more often.

Diabetes Screening
Diabetes is another risk factor for heart disease. You will need to be checked for diabetes at least once every three years. Diabetic screenings are recommended more often if you have risk factors for diabetes, such as obesity and a family history of the condition. You will also need to be screened for diabetes more often if you are pre-diabetic.

Blood Pressure Check
High blood pressure affects around 30 percent of adults. Many people need medication to lower blood pressure and prevent complications, such as kidney disease. Regular blood pressure checks are important because hypertension may not have any symptoms. If your blood pressure is normal, then you will only need to get it checked every one or two years.

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Vision Screening
Vision should be checked once every two years. Vision screenings are recommended more often if you wear contacts or glasses. You will also need to get screenings more often if you are at an increased risk for developing serious vision problems, such as glaucoma and cataracts. Marvel Optics recommends getting prescription sunglasses and goggles as well if you work without your glasses often.

Dental Exams
The health of your teeth and gums can affect other parts of your body which is why dental examinations are important. You will need to see your dentist once every six months. If you have problems with your teeth and gums, then you will need to see the dentist more often.

$exually-Transmitted Disease Screening

Health Checks All Men Over the Age of 40 Should Have
If you are $exually-active, then you will need to let your doctor know this. Your doctor may recommend STD screening. Chlamydia, HIV and syphilis are just a few examples of sexually-transmitted diseases you may be screened for.

Getting regular screenings is essential for your health. Many conditions have no symptoms, so the only sure-fire way to know if you are healthy is to see your doctor regularly. Dental exams, STD screening, cholesterol screening, vision screening, blood pressure check and diabetes screening are examples of essential health checks.

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