This Powerful Drink Fights Chronic Migraines, Diabetes, Heart Complications, and More


This Powerful Drink Fights Chronic Migraines, Diabetes, Heart Complications, and More

Ginger lemonade is one the most naturally energizing and healthy drinks out there. Each ingredient on its own has wonderful health benefits and putting them together in a lemonade creates a kind of superfood power drink. Ginger lemonade is responsible for the usual benefits, congestion relief, nausea reducer, cold and flu symptom tamer, but it’s also coming up beneficial in other, lesser known, areas. There are studies being done with the results that the individual ingredients may be beneficial for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and much more! Let’s take a look, shall we?

This Powerful Drink Fights Chronic Migraines, Diabetes, Heart Complications, and More

Cold and Flu
Lemons are a terrific source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is what we all reach for when we know we’re about to come down with a cold because it boosts our immune system and may prevent us from getting sick. Vitamin C also helps heal wounds and strengthens bones and teeth.

Nausea Reducer
Perhaps you always get carsick. Maybe you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy. Maybe you’ve just had a chemotherapy treatment. Whatever the case, you’re dealing with nausea. Ginger has traditionally been used for soothing upset tummies with wonderful effect. Some studies suggest that while ginger isn’t as effective as drugs, it does have some effect and doesn’t have the toxic side effects that drugs do.

Have a bad cold with horrible congestion? Ginger lemonade is your remedy. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, the honey coats the throat, which is very soothing, and the lemons are filled with vitamin C, which boosts the immune systems.

A recent study suggests that ginger may relieve some of the harmful symptoms that result from type 2 diabetes. Ginger lemonade is full of the antioxidants that are thought to lower the harmful side effects of diabetes. It is also thought to help improve blood sugar control. However, more research is needed to be sure.

Cognitive Function
Studies have found that ginger actually has a credible impact on cognitive function and reversing the effects of diseases that attack cognitive function, such as Alzheimer’s. If you are at risk for Alzheimer’s, ginger lemonade may be your new best friend!

If you are suffering from prostate or ovarian cancer, studies are showing ginger to be extremely effective against these two types of cancers. Two separate case studies showed ginger to have a powerful effect on the cancerous tumors. Bonus, ginger has no toxic side effect.

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Good news for migraine sufferers, ginger’s anti-inflammatory property may significantly reduce your sufferings! Drinking ginger lemonade 3-4 times a day for a few days can be effective in preventing your next migraine attack.

Heart Disease
Another preliminary study suggests that ginger may help reduce cholesterol levels and prevent blood clotting thereby possibly helping to fight heart disease and possibly preventing heart attacks or strokes. More studies are needed to be sure, but, since ginger lemonade is delicious, it certainly won’t hurt to drink it anyway!


Ginger lemonade is an extremely energizing drink, especially when drunk in concentrated form straight from the juicer. Add a 1/4 tsp of cayenne and you’re ready to take on the world!! So the next time your energy is low and your tail is dragging, rather than reach for coffee or 5 Hour Energy, have a shot of ginger, lemon, and cayenne. You won’t experience the crash afterwards or be in danger of low blood sugar as the ingredients are natural and do not spike blood sugar levels.

Looking at the ingredients of ginger lemonade individually, we can see that they have amazing health benefits and healing properties. Natural ingredients can only be beneficial on a journey to health and abundant energy. While some of these diseases may need more studies to be conclusive about the impact of ginger on them, it certainly won’t hurt you to consume it anyway.

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