Wearing Wet Socks In Bed Works Better Than Thousands Pills Against…


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Wearing Wet Socks In Bed Works Better Than Thousands Pills Against…

Wet sock therapy is as unconventional as it sounds. It is sometimes called “warming socks” and is used to describe a form of hydrotherapy for preventing mild colds and flu along with a variety of other ailments. Wet sock therapy is not new; in fact, a Bavarian priest and hydrotherapy pioneer named Sebastian Kneipp invented it over a century ago.

Wearing Wet Socks In Bed Works Better Than Thousands Pills Against...

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What is Wet Sock Therapy?
As the name suggests, it involves wet socks. As strange as this may sound, this wet sock therapy is thought to be effective while requiring very little expense.

How Does Wet Sock Therapy Work?
First, your feet will cool down, causing the blood vessels to constrict. This construction sends important nutrients into your tissues and organs. Your body will need these nutrients to fight off the infection and to promote healing.

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Your body will also respond to the cold, wet socks by heating up. It does this by increasing blood circulation. This response is due to the fact that the body strives toward an equilibrium (homeostasis). Stimulated circulation helps to boost the immune system since more blood is sent to the lymph nodes. In addition, any toxins in your tissues will go into the blood. This will allow your body to dispose of them. The increased flow of blood revs up your immune system to fight infection. In addition to the health benefits, wet sock therapy makes your feet be warmer than they would be otherwise.

Increased blood circulation in the upper respiratory system helps to decrease head and throat congestion. Wet sock therapy also has sedating benefits, which is why it is also used as a treatment for insomnia.

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Wet sock therapy can be used along with other methods of treatment to deal with symptoms of a flu-like:
• A sore throat
• Nasal congestion
• Headaches
• A cough

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When is the Best Time to Use Wet Sock Therapy?
It is best to start this treatment on the first day of the illness. Ideally, it should be repeated for the next three nights.

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How to Use the Wet Socks Therapy
You will need:

• 1 Pair of thin cotton socks
• 1 Pair of thick wool socks
• Very cold water
• Very warm water (in a tub or large bowl)

Soak the thin cotton socks in the cold water and place your feet in the warm water. Next, take the thin cotton socks out of the cold water and wring them out thoroughly. Dry your feet and put on the thin wet socks. Put the wool socks on over them. Wear both pairs of socks overnight. In the morning, you will find that your feet are warm and the thin cotton socks are dry. Note that the step of warming your feet is essential. Wet sock therapy may actually be harmful if you omit it.

If your immunity is compromised, do not start this treatment without first consulting your physician. In addition, it is recommended that it be used in conjunction with other treatments as a part of a treatment plan.

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