Gallstones: tips and natural remedies to treat them


Gallstones: tips and natural remedies to treat them
Did you know that it is possible to relieve the pains and symptoms associated with gallstones? Discover some natural tips that will help you in your treatment.

Biliary colic is characterized by calculations that accumulate throughout the entire gallbladder. In most cases, it is caused by a clear case of overweight or cirrhosis.

Although there are also hereditary factors that can cause the appearance of gallstones. Also, women or people over forty years are more exposed to suffer at older ages.

Among the most characteristic symptoms gallstones, it is worth noting a strong pain in the abdomen area also accompanied by nausea and vomiting. In more extreme cases, it is also possible that the person suffers from a high fever or jaundice.

If you have just realized that you are suffering from any of these symptoms, we recommend that you visit your nearest doctor so that he/she extracts a sample of the bile that is in the gallbladder. Thanks to it, you can know more thoroughly if you suffer from gallstones.

5 natural remedies to treat gallstones
From there, there are a series of treatments that basically consist of performing a small surgery in the affected area to eliminate gallstones. This is called cholecystectomy. However, we can also make use of a series of natural remedies to at least mitigate their symptoms. Would you like to know what they are? Well, then we will make a brief review for all of them.


Remedy nº1. Infusion of parsley

This first remedy is a great cleanser of the organism thanks to its diuretic effects. To make it a reality, we will only have to boil four branches of parsley in enough hot water.
Once it is ready, a couple of drops of lemon can be added to this infusion. Taking two a day will be more than enough to treat biliary colic.


Remedy nº2. Infusion of mint and fennel

This second remedy is perfect to take just when we get up in the morning. It has all kinds of oxidants for our body while at the same time has diuretic properties, very important when treating gallstones.

As in the previous one, you will take a couple of leaves of this medicinal plant that will have to be boiled with a couple of lemon droplets.


Remedy nº3. Infusion of dandelion

This infusion of dandelion also acts as a powerful purifier of our body. It is also the most beneficial for diabetics since it regulates blood glucose levels since it is a hypocaloric drink.

It also serves to reduce uric acid and “dissolve” all gallstones. It should always be taken after any lunch or dinner too copious.

Remedy nº4. Infusion of nettle

This fourth infusion of nettles is also characterized by being a powerful diuretic that should not be overlooked and that is why many people use it to lose weight and say goodbye to gallstones. Likewise, it is very beneficial for our intestinal flora. It is recommended to drink two cups a day

Remedy nº5. Pear and honey juice

A simple pear juice is also very beneficial to get rid of gallstones. Its high pectin content helps to eliminate them gradually while at the same time reducing the cholesterol levels that are stored in the vesicle.

It is recommended to mix a little juice of this juice with warm water and a little honey to boost your results.

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