Overcome flaccidity of the arms with these exercises


Overcome  flaccidity of the arms with these exercises

 1. Exercise to combat sagging arms:

While this routine is also applicable for men, especially in this article focuses on the work of the posterior muscles of the arm (triceps) and shoulders (deltoid) in women, which work these muscles with a special routine and with less overload in order that the exercise is beneficial to overcome the limpness of the arms.

Before starting this exercise, it is recommended and important to warm up and warm up the area to work, arms and back, in this case, the back of the arm will be worked, and this is an easy way to stretch it, it also stretches the back


Warming arms before exercising

As the picture shows, stand up against a wall. Keep your legs open at the same height as your hips and stretch your back well while you tighten your abdomen. Raise one arm above the head with the elbow slightly flexed. Leave the other arm stretched next to the body. Make 6 changes of arm stretching the back well.

Exercise the triceps to reduce sagging arms:

Position: knees and legs crossed or joined and raised, palms resting on the floor, arms extended, separated at the height of the shoulders and the bust in line, abdominals inside, do not bend the back.

Movement: flex the arms on the descent and extend on the rise with a slow and safe movement fixing the back posture and abdominal contractions, so as not to vitiate the posture. Be sure not to arch your back, during the return phase, avoid extending your elbows too much: you can damage your joints, this is an effective method to overcome the limpness of the arms.

To tone triceps and avoid sagging arms:

Position: standing, left leg placed in front of the right, slightly flexing the trunk forward and resting the left hand on a bench. Right arm extended towards the floor, in hand a small dumbbell.

Movement: a) With the right arm flexed and the elbow in horizontal line with the shoulder, the arm should be extended backward, taking the form shown in the image above. When finished, execute with the other arm. Keep your back straight, never arched. The neck should be in line with the rest of the spine.

Exercise for triceps with dumbbells:

Triceps work with variation

On your knees or standing, back straight.

Straight back, standing, legs slightly apart.

Movement: Start with the arm extended upwards, and flex until you reach an angle of 90 °.


Exercise to tone shoulders and back of the arm:

The work of this exercise is concentrated in the triceps and is the most effective for toning the back of the arm where flaccidity is mostly present.

The elbows should point backward and not to the sides, back straight, legs together. It is recommended to put the fingers of the hand near the edges and to the sides, this will help to keep the direction of the elbows backward.

Movement: flex the arms until reaching an angle of 90 °.

Perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions.

Exercise to overcome the flaccidity of the arms one at a time

First days:

8 repetitions followed for each arm, 2 times each arm.

Medium level:

8 repetitions followed for each arm, 2 times each arm.

8 reps with three small rebounds for each arm. Rebounds are average extensions before reaching the resting position.

Advanced level:

8 repetitions followed for each arm, 3 times each arm.

8 reps with three small rebounds for each arm.

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