She Sprays Vodka On Her Friend’s Arm. When You Find Out Why, You’ll Be Trying It Too


She Sprays Vodka On Her Friend’s Arm. When You Find Out Why, You’ll Be Trying It Too

Simple DIY Vodka Hacks To Buzz About

Vodka is a popular ingredient for many famous cocktails, but did you know that this potato-based alcohol has many other uses? From disinfectants to beauty regimens, we’re here to show you the versatile appeal of vodka. More than just a martini staple, vodka can be used in various solutions to protect your home and well-being.

The perfecting properties of vodka can be utilized year round. Summer sees those pesky mosquitos that can leave you with itchy bites and even diseases! A natural hack to repel these bugs is a vodka solution with a mix of essential oils for a pretty and protective scent. Vodka can even help the dreaded summer hair frizz with a simple spritz!

Stuffy winter air brings musty smells and bacteria inside of your home which you can combat with a remedy of vodka, water, and citrus juices. Are your house flowers growing too fast in the spring? Vodka can sustain their lives by slowing down their ripening process. In any type of weather, refresh the scent of your clothing with a deodorizing vodka solution.

So make yourself a cocktail, sit back, and watch our informative video to learn why vodka isn’t just for Happy Hour anymore.


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