See What Happens When You Wash You Hair With Beer For a Week


See What Happens When You Wash Your Hair With Beer For a Week

Beer may not be known as a nutritious product, but it has long been known to make hair healthier and more attractive. However, it has to be used properly to be effective as a hair cosmetic.

The key to its usefulness comes from the fact that beer contains the same ingredients as many hair products. The natural barley and hops found in beer contain protein and other nutrients, most notably vitamin B, which are helpful in reducing dandruff preventing the loss of hair. Beer improves the follicles from which hair grows and helps remove dirt and grease. It also contains moderate levels of alcohol, which can give hair a shiny appearance.

According to Dr. Ryan Welter, a Boston hair transplant surgeon, beer does not regenerate hair or accelerate its growth. Its use instead improves the condition of existing hair, giving the impression of fullness.

The alcoholic content in beer can in some cases exceed 10 percent, but hair experts normally suggest products with lower amounts. Boiling beer before its use is a good way to reduce its alcoholic content. Professional hair stylist Marc Mena suggests using beers that are flat, although the same results can be achieved by leaving the beer out the night before its use. Additionally, dark beer contains higher levels of the vitamin biotin, which is particularly beneficial to hair.

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Beer can either be mixed with shampoo or poured over the hair after shampooing and then thoroughly washed out. The use of a fragrant conditioner after the beer treatment will make the hair smell as good as it looks. The effects of its use should be almost immediate, with less tangling than is normally experienced with wet hair. Hair that was once dry and frayed will soon appear brighter and fuller than before.

Those who are resistant to the idea of pouring beer onto their heads should be reminded of the student who was once drenched with the alcoholic beverage during a college party. She noticed her hair to be shinier almost immediately. An accident would thus lead to the regular use of beer on the hair.

Beer on the Hair- The Secret to a Great Mane

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