How She Makes Her House Insects-Free Zone


How She Makes Her House Insects-Free Zone

Mint is easy to grow and cheap to buy. However, its benefits don’t end there! Mint is very useful at deterring various pests. Keeping a mint plant in your home can make ants turn the other way, and a plot of mint growing outside can create a nice, insects-free zone. You can even rub a small amount of mint oil onto your pets to keep them from becoming infested with ticks and fleas. Simply crush a few mint leaves to first release the oil.

1_How She Makes Her House Insects-Free Zone

Mint smells great, and it’s a great alternative to harsh chemical odors. You also don’t have to worry about your children or pets getting into it and getting sick. This safe pest deterrent is much cheaper than toxic pest killers as well.

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In this video from Shoshanna’s Kitchen, our host enthusiastically tells us how to grow your own peppermint plant and then use it to repel mice. You can plant it around the perimeter of your house to keep the furry critters at bay. Shoshanna also shows us how to make a strong peppermint tea and then puts it in a spray bottle. She explains that you can use the spray to wipe down cabinets and counters, and you can spray it in your closets as well!

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